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What you should know about


A trichloroethylene-contaminated stream in Fort Edward, N.Y. (Robert Nickelsberg / Getty Images)

What is trichloroethylene?

A carcinogenic chemical, trichloroethylene (TCE) has been used for decades as a solvent in metal degreasers and stain removers. The U.S. EPA has proposed phasing out all uses of trichloroethylene. If finalized, the ban will set an important precedent, defying polluting industries and saving millions of lives.


It’s Time to Ban This Solvent Linked to Cancer

Learn about the dangers of trichloroethylene, how people are exposed, and why it’s taken so long to ban


Trichloroethylene Contamination in the U.S.

Analysis by the Environmental Working Group found trichloroethylene in the drinking water of hundreds of public water systems across the country

The Big Picture

The Toxic Chemicals Hiding in Our Homes, and How We Can Reduce Them

A fundamental environmental law — the Toxic Substances Control Act — can help protect us from harmful chemicals. But first, the government needs to fully enforce it.

Media Inquiries: Erin Fitzgerald, Earthjustice,

Earthjustice’s Toxic Exposure & Health Program uses the power of the law to ensure that all people have safe workplaces, neighborhoods, and schools; have access to safe drinking water and food; and live in homes that are free of hazardous chemicals.