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A Climate Solution Within Reach

The Clean Power Plan

“The Clean Power Plan rests on a solid legal and factual foundation, but the coal industry and its allies have been attacking it relentlessly with misguided lawsuits. … The clean energy genie is already out of the bottle.” – Howard Fox Counsel, Earthjustice Read: Why I'm An Attorney On The Clean Power Plan's Side

Update Feb. 28: The EPA holds the second of just three public listening sessions on the repeal of the Clean Power Plan. “We will show up to fight with our clients and partners for our shared future,” said Trip Van Noppen, Earthjustice President. See photos from the session and see a timeline of what’s happening now with the Clean Power Plan.

Update, 3/28: The Trump administration is issuing a sweeping executive order that will undermine federal actions to combat climate change and efforts to protect communities and our environment.

We can no longer ignore the gravest challenge facing humanity today. Our climate crisis is not just an environmental problem—it is a human rights issue that impacts all of us, here and now. Polluters are using billions in dirty energy profits to rig our democracy against clean energy solutions to this climate crisis. We must break this stranglehold by putting people, not oil and coal companies, back in charge.

As co-counsel for Sierra Club, Earthjustice is part of the legal team defending the Clean Power Plan against lawsuits brought by fossil fuel interests and allied states. Earthjustice will use the power of law to defend and strengthen the tools we have—like the Clean Power Plan—and fight back against polluters who will stop at nothing to delay, deflect and deny the transition to clean energy and healthier communities. We will wield this power at the state and federal levels to spur even more clean energy solutions, such as solar panels and windmills that are becoming commonplace across our country.

For more than a decade, Earthjustice has helped lead the fights to retire dirty old coal plants and compel investment in clean energy solutions to combat global warming and protect public health. While that work is far from over, the fight now is about when rather than whether clean energy will overtake the market for fossil fuels. We can unite in the face of the greatest environmental threat we have ever known to create local jobs, stronger, healthier communities and a more stable climate.

We can do this. We must do this. We will do this.


Support the Clean Power Plan

Decisions about clean energy should be in the hands of the people—not the fossil fuel industry.

Climate change affects every facet of American life, from basic public health to extreme weather events to national security threats. With your help, we can both hold the line against rollbacks and continue to make progress toward clean energy.

Earthjustice has been fighting for years—through administrations both friendly and hostile—to protect our communities and the health of our environment, and we won’t stop now. Take action