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The Coal Ash Problem. Presented by Earthjustice.
Hundreds of coal power plants burn over a billion tons of coal every year. Coal ash is the toxic byproduct.
Coal ash is filled with toxic levels of multiple pollutants—which can poison drinking water sources.
110 million tons of coal ash generated each year.
Enough to fill train cars stretching from the North Pole to the South Pole.
1,425 coal ash sites in 37 states.
70% of coal ash dumps are located in low-income communities.
More than 200 coal ash sites have contaminated nearby waters. Local communities use these waterways as sources of drinking water. Coal Ash Pollutants & Health Impacts.Coal Ash Pollutants & Health Impacts.The Biggest Toxic Waste Spill in U.S. History.The Biggest Toxic Waste Spill in U.S. History. There are 309 High and Significant Hazard Coal Ash Dams.