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Stormwater runoff in Annapolis, MD. Urban stormwater runoff carries with it trash, chemicals and other pollutants, ultimately flowing into the Chesapeake Bay.
(Photo courtesy of Chesapeake Bay Program)
case September 8, 2014

Challenging Maryland Stormwater Permits

A coalition of environmental and local watershed advocates have legally challenged the Maryland Department of the Environment to improve the permits that govern urban storm sewer systems. In the D.C. and Baltimore regions, urban stormwater runoff is documented as the number one source of contaminants polluting rivers, creeks and streams, many of which ultimately flow…

Chesapeake Bay at sunset.
(Lone Wolf Photos / Shutterstock.)
Press Release September 8, 2014

Watershed Advocates Challenge Maryland Stormwater Permits

Baltimore City hearing is second of three challenges to Maryland’s Department of the Environment permitting of stormwater runoff—the primary source of contaminants polluting Baltimore waterways