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A green sea turtle rests on a Kona beach.
(Jay Bo / Shutterstock)
case: Victory November 9, 2005

Preventing Imports of Genetically Engineered Algae to Hawaii

In 2005, the state of Hawai’i’s Board of Agriculture approved a permit to allow the importation of algae genetically engineered to produce drugs on the Kona coast of the Big Island. The project proposed to manufacture, in an outdoor environment at a state-owned technology park known as the Natural Energy Laboratory Hawai’i (NELH), “biopharmaceutical” microalgae…

Press Release October 11, 2005

Court Orders Public Oversight of 'Biopharm' Experiment in Hawai`I

Environmental Review Required for Genetically Engineered Algae Project

Press Release August 2, 2005

Citizens Sue For Environmental Review Of Biopharm Algae in Hawaii

Lawsuit seeks further study of consequences of genetically modified microorganisms