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A coho salmon spawning in an Oregon river. (Bureau of Land Management)
case: Victory August 12, 2015

Seeking Solutions to Critical Salmon Barrier on Rogue Basin’s Evans Creek

In the wake of failed efforts to broker the voluntary removal of the Rogue Basin’s defunct Fielder Dam, Earthjustice, representing WaterWatch of Oregon, filed suit in U.S. District Court, contending that the dam harms threatened coho salmon in violation of the Endangered Species Act. Another dam upstream, the Winner Dam, was also in line for…

Oregon's Wimar Dam during the deconstruction.
(Scott Wright/River Design Group)
Article: Victory August 12, 2015

The Dance of the Dammed

Two 20-foot high unused dams have been killing salmon in the Rogue River wild and scenic watershed for years, but with Earthjustice’s help those dams are coming down, opening up over 70 miles of prime salmon and steelhead habitat.

Dams, like the Ice Harbor on the lower Snake River, may not be as green as they first seem. The Ice Harbor Dam and others have transformed the Columbia and lower Snake rivers, drastically altering natural river flows and posing lethal obstacles to salmon migration.
(Bonneville Power Photo)
Article December 16, 2014

Coming Clean: Hydropower’s Dirty (Energy) Secrets

Dams are often touted as being green, but a deeper looks uncovers some dirty truths about their environmental impact.

document April 17, 2013

Evans Creek Complaint

Press Release April 17, 2013

Conservationists Seek Solution to Critical Salmon Barrier on Rogue Basin’s Evans Creek

Fielder Dam ranks in Oregon’s top ten list of barriers harmful to salmon, steelhead