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Press Release: Victory September 6, 2022

Court Rejects Wyoming, Industry Challenge to Biden Administration Postponement of Oil, Gas Lease Sales

Judge finds that Bureau of Land Management acted within its legal authority when it postponed lease sales to consider environmental harms

In the News: The Hill June 28, 2022

Biden administration to hold its first oil drilling lease sales on federal lands

Michael Freeman, Senior Attorney, Rocky Mountain Office, Earthjustice: “Why are they having these lease sales given the climate impacts that the Biden administration itself recognizes? There’s a clear contradiction between what the Biden administration says it wants to do on climate and what it’s doing with these lease sales.”

Oil drilling rigs. (iStockphoto)
feature June 15, 2022

Meeting the Moment

How President Biden can align the federal fossil fuel program to deliver on climate and put people over profits

In the News: Washington Post January 27, 2022

Biden fails to change course on fossil fuels, despite a bold campaign pledge

Jenny Harbine, Managing Attorney, Northern Rockies Office, Earthjustice: “The opportunity costs of not doing something will be felt generations into the future if this administration doesn’t reverse course quickly and begin to align its actions with its words.”

Press Release November 29, 2021

White House Report Lays Out Obvious, Overdue Reforms for Federal Oil and Gas Leasing Program

Report shows how little return taxpayers get for leasing public lands and waters to oil and gas companies, but fails to address climate

In the News: Colorado Sun August 19, 2021

Interior Department launches review of climate damage from coal mining on public lands

Jenny Harbine, Attorney, Northern Rockies Office, Earthjustice: “We’re sitting here in record heat and choking wildfires. There couldn’t be a more important time of the administration to take action to end fossil fuel production from our federal lands.”

Press Release August 16, 2021

Biden Administration Appeals Decision On Oil, Gas Leasing

Feds to follow legally wrong opinion and will proceed with new federal oil and gas leasing pending appeal

In the News: The Guardian June 22, 2021

Activists fear Biden’s climate pledges are falling apart: ‘We aren’t seeing grit’

Drew Caputo, VP of Litigation for Lands, Wildlife, Oceans, Earthjustice: “It’s legally wrong. Every presidential administration has delayed or cancelled lease sales. The Trump administration last year delayed offshore oil leases because of the pandemic and changes in the market. There were no complaints, literally, and it was an unremarkable thing because that kind of…

Press Release June 16, 2021

Earthjustice: Injunction Reversing Biden’s Federal Oil and Gas Leasing Pause is ‘Legally Wrong’

The law does not require the government to run public lands and waters for the sole benefit of the oil and gas industry

document April 27, 2021

Conservation Groups Motion to Intervene – Louisiana

Earthjustice, Healthy Gulf, Center for Biological Diversity, Cook Inletkeeper, Defenders of Wildlife, Friends of the Earth, Oceana, Sierra Club, The Wilderness Society, and the Natural Resources Defense Council filed the motion in response to a lawsuit in Louisiana by 14 states that seeks to end the pause and force the government to immediately offer federal lands and waters for lease.

Press Release April 27, 2021

Groups File Third Intervention Defending Pause on Federal Oil, Gas Leasing

Motion responds to 14 states challenging the leasing pause

Drill sites light up the evening sky in Pawnee National Grasslands, Colorado.
(Photo courtesy of Bryce Bradford)
case April 19, 2021

Defending the Biden Administration’s Oil, Gas Leasing Pause

In recent years, the federal government has handed over vast swathes of public lands and waters to private corporations to drill for oil, mine for coal, and otherwise exploit. During his first week in office, President Biden directed the Department of Interior to pause new oil and gas leases on federal lands and waters while…

document April 19, 2021

Motion to Intervene: Diverse Coalition of 21 Moves to Defend Biden Administration’s Oil, Gas Leasing Pause

Motion backs the Biden administration’s legality in pausing federal onshore, offshore leasing

Oil drilling operations in Kern County, Calif. (Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice)
Press Release April 19, 2021

Diverse Coalition of 21 Moves to Defend Biden Administration’s Oil, Gas Leasing Pause

Motion backs the Biden administration’s legality in pausing federal onshore, offshore leasing

U.S. President Joe Biden delivers his inaugural address on Jan. 20, 2021.
 (Rob Carr / Getty Images)
Update February 3, 2021

A Huge Amount of Fossil Fuel Drilling Happens on Public Lands and Waters. Biden Is Taking Steps to Change That.

Instead of fueling the climate crisis and the extinction boom, public lands and waters can be part of the solution.