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Shiprock is a sacred site in the Navajo Indian Reservation located near the Four Corners Power Plant, New Mexico.
Article July 22, 2015

Cleaner Air Coming to the Skies Above Four Corners Power Plant

The owners of the Four Corners power plant in New Mexico have reached an agreement to reduce pollution and improve the health of surrounding communities and national parks.

The Four Corners coal-fired power plant in New Mexico.
(Photo courtesy of Ecoflight)
Press Release: Victory June 24, 2015

Legal Agreement Reached to Reduce Power Plant Pollution Damaging Southwest’s National Parks, Navajo People

Consent Decree will Cut Emissions from New Mexico’s Four Corners Plant

Article December 31, 2013

Clearing the Air in the Southwest with State, Federal Rules

Arizona Public Service Company officially announced yesterday that it will retire Units 1, 2, and 3 of the Four Corners Power Plant by January 1, 2014 and install long-overdue pollution controls on the plant’s remaining two units by July 31, 2018. Built before the Clean Air Act was enacted, this coal plant has been operating…

document December 30, 2013

Four Corners BART Letter

document October 4, 2011

Four Corners Final Complaint

Press Release October 4, 2011

Groups Take Action to Clean Up One of America’s Dirtiest Power Plants

Four Corners Plant in New Mexico is illegally operating outside Clean Air Act, threatening public health

The Four Corners Power Plant, in a photo from 1972. The plant burns coal to produce electricity using outdated and ineffective pollution control technology.
(Terry Eiler / Environmental Protection Agency)
case April 6, 2011

Cleaning Up the Four Corners Coal-Fired Power Plant

Four Corners is a very large source of pollution. Every year, the massive coal plant burns millions of tons of coal and discharges into the air of the Colorado Plateau large amounts of air pollutants that have been found to contribute to four of the five leading causes of death in the United States, including…

Press Release February 7, 2011

Sale of Four Corners Coal-Fired Power Plant Challenged

California utility may have broken state law in extending life of coal-burning units

Press Release February 17, 2010

Conservation Groups Ask Federal Agencies to Require Nation's Largest National Park Polluter to Clean Up

Four Corners coal plant causes haze in Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde and other national parks