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In the News: Grist March 8, 2024

How changes to Hawaiʻi’s home battery program could hinder its clean energy transition

Isaac Moriwake, Managing Attorney, Mid-Pacific Office: “You ought to consider the big picture of how not only individual systems, but the aggregate, are able to respond to grid needs on call, and respond to emergencies. There’s big-time value there.”

In the News: Canary Media October 25, 2021

Hawaii has a one-year deadline to ditch coal. Can it keep the lights on?

Kylie Wager Cruz, Attorney, Mid-Pacific Office, Earthjustice: “HECO had a long time to begin planning for what the transition would look like.”

In the News: Canary Media August 17, 2021

Hawaii vs. fossil fuels

Kylie Wager Cruz, Attorney, Mid-Pacific Office: “We strongly supported shutting down the coal plant. That facility needed to go. What we do with that loss of capacity is the key question.”

In the News: Civil Beat Honolulu July 2, 2021

Thousands Of New Rooftop Solar Systems Could Be Going Up On Oahu

Isaac Moriwake, Managing Attorney, Mid-Pacific Office, Earthjustice: “This is a first installment of the next big wave of rooftop solar and battery storage.”

In the News: PBS News June 24, 2021

Can Hawaiʻi Achieve 100% Clean Energy by 2045?

Interview with Kylie Wager Cruz, Attorney, Mid-Pacific Office, Earthjustice

In the News: Utility Dive May 12, 2021

HECO appeals PUC decision on Kapolei battery project, warns of 'chilling message' to developers

Kylie Wager Cruz, Attorney, Mid-Pacific Office, Earthjustice: “HECO should take responsibility for the crisis it’s caused and focus on ensuring [the project] realizes its full potential to maximize renewable energy on the grid and minimize Hawai’i’s dependence on fossil fuels. Instead, HECO’s threatening to pull the plug on the project, put all the risk on…

In the News: Honolulu Civil Beat May 5, 2021

Hawaiian Electric Says It Might Pull The Plug On Giant Battery

Kylie Wager Cruz, Attorney, Mid-Pacific Office, Earthjustice: “The commission did all it could do considering the circumstances.”

A solar panel installation in Hawaii.
(Photo Used With Permission)
case April 23, 2021

Advancing Clean Energy In Hawai‘i

Hawaiʻi is blessed with abundant sun and wind, but the state has historically relied on imported oil for virtually all of its energy needs. In recent years, rooftop solar has become a potential “game changer” for Hawaiʻi’s energy independence, and Earthjustice is working to clear the path for clean energy to become a major part…

In the News: Utility Dive March 10, 2021

Hawaiian Electric defends role in renewable energy project delays, as fossil fuel plants approach retirement

Kylie Wager Cruz, Attorney, Mid-Pacific Office, Earthjustice: "We've seen in the past when there's been an unanticipated shortfall, that we've had to resort to other types of utility-scale fossil-based extensions or additions — and so I think the commission is really focused on not letting that happen."

In the News: Utility Dive January 19, 2021

Hawaii finalizes utility regulation considered potential template for US power system transformation

Isaac Moriwake, Managing Attorney, Mid-Pacific Office, Earthjustice: "This is the most consequential decision in the commission’s history in terms of its comprehensive scope and leadership vision."

document December 23, 2020

Decision & Order No. 37507

Before the Public Utilities Commission of the State of Hawaii. Docket No. 2018-0088

document June 25, 2018

HECO Fuel Costs Decision

By this Final Decision and Order,^ the Public Utilities Commission (“commission”) approves a change in rates for HAWAIIAN ELECTRIC COMPANY, INC., as described herein. The commission determines that the appropriate return on common equity (“ROE”) for the 2017 calendar test year (“2017 Test Year”) is 9.50%, which reflects the commission’s approval of the Parties’ stipulated settlement agreements filed on November 15, 2017, and March 5, 2018.^

Solar panels on the roof of the parking garage at Kapiolani Medical Center in O‘ahu, Hawai‘i. (Matt Mallams for Earthjustice)
Press Release: Victory June 25, 2018

Hawai‘i Utilities Commission Ends Free Ride for Hawaiian Electric on Fossil Fuel Costs; Landmark Ruling Will Motivate Move to Clean Energy

Hawai‘i’s largest electric utility will partially share in the costs of fossil fuels it uses to generate electricity

Technicians install solar panels in Honolulu, Hawaii.
(Matt Mallams for Earthjustice)
Press Release: Victory December 14, 2017

Hawai‘i High Court Affirms Citizens’ Right to Protect Environmental Interests Before State Public Utilities Commission

Declares due process interest in right to a clean and healthful environment

document October 23, 2017

Docket No. 2014-0192: Decision and Order No. 34924

In this 194-page order, the Public Utility Commission established two new programs for rooftop solar in Hawaiʻi, including a “smart export” program that allows customers an opportunity to store solar energy during peak sun hours and provide energy to the grid at later times, when demand on the grid is higher. This “smart export” option is a first step toward a future in which customer-owned DER can more dynamically interact with the grid and further contribute to building a cleaner, less costly, and more resilient electric system.

Solar panels on homes at Salt Lake in Oahu, Hawaiʻi.
(Matt Mallams for Earthjustice)
Press Release: Victory October 23, 2017

Clean Energy Advocates Commend Hawai‘i Utility Commission’s Latest Rooftop Solar Decision

New “smart export” program offers first step toward next generation of solar-plus-battery systems

Technicians install solar panels on a home in Spokane, Washington.
(Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice)
feature October 3, 2017

A Guide To Clean Energy Policies And Players

Although the benefits of renewables are simple to understand, navigating the terminology of energy policy is a more difficult task. Here’s a quick guide to understanding the key players, practices, and policies that influence clean energy growth in the United States.

Solar panels on the rooftops of homes in the Salt Lake neighborhood of Oahu, Hawaii.
(Matt Mallams for Earthjustice)
Article August 5, 2016

Model For Monopoly Power Companies Needs to Change

The Public Utilities Commission rejected the NextEra-Hawaiian Electric takeover deal, but the real work to build a clean energy system by and for the people of Hawaii has just begun.