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Article August 15, 2013

Troubled Waters for Atlantic Herring

Pity the lowly herring, an essential species getting little love these days from the government agencies that are supposed to protect them.

feature October 26, 2012

Energy Bars of the Sea

Everything in the ocean is food to something else, a food web comprising many food chains. Earthjustice attorneys are stepping in to help stop the plunder of the ocean’s larders.

The "Sacred Cod" in Massachusetts' State House.
(Photo courtesy of Christina B. Castro)
Article March 15, 2012

Why The Cod Is Sacred

Over the past few decades, Earthjustice legal victories have been working to shape an ecosystem-based approach to fisheries management in New England.

document March 9, 2012

Herring A4 Decision Kessler

US District Court Judge Gladys Kessler has found that the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) has failed to stem the decline of Atlantic river herring and shad populations due to the overfishing by the New England industrial fishing fleet.

Article November 22, 2011

Stormy Waters: Earthjustice’s Roger Fleming

Our planet is a blue planet and yet the oceans receive relatively little attention from an environmental perspective.

Article January 11, 2011

Ocean Scientists Says There are More Fish To Catch…

Oceans scientist Steve Murawski has got some good news for our fishermen clients in New England: there may be more fish to catch next year. If you remember, many fishermen had to retire their nets because of too few fish. In an Associated Press report, Murawski heralds the end of overfishing as a result of a…

Press Release: Victory December 1, 2010

NMFS Finalizes Important Rule for Atlantic Herring Fishery

All fish must be brought onboard and documented by federal observers

Fisherman Gary Libby checks his lobster trap.
(Raviya Ismail / Earthjustice)
feature September 1, 2010

Port Clyde: A Way of Life Revived

Fishermen in Port Clyde, Maine, are modeling a standard that allows them to continue their fishing tradition, while also allowing the fish stocks to rebound.

document July 26, 2010

Magistrate Ruling in MFA Herring Case

Report & Recommendation

Press Release: Victory July 26, 2010

Government Agency Must Reevaluate Flawed Decision Rejecting Petition Protecting Groundfish

Maine fishermen seeking to stop industrial trawl ships from entering fish sanctuaries

document July 21, 2010

Settlement in Herring FOIA Request

Stipulation of Settlement and Order of Dismissal

Press Release: Victory July 21, 2010

Massachusetts Fisherman Wins Appeal for Herring Midwater Trawl Video

Finalizes FOIA lawsuit settlement after months of government stalling

Press Release: Victory July 21, 2010

NMFS Agrees to Repropose Important Rule for Atlantic Herring Fishery

Public input now allowed in response to commercial groundfishermen lawsuit

Press Release December 10, 2009

Fishermen Challenge Federal Agency

Fishermen seek truth in management of industrial herring fleet

Press Release October 29, 2009

National Marine Fisheries Service Fails to Prevent Herring Fishing Ships into Groundfish Nursery Area

Allows ships to decimate groundfish populations

document July 14, 2009

Midcoast Fishermen Association Reply Brief

This brief filed by Earthjustice on behalf of the Midcoast Fishermen’s Association argues that the federal government is ignoring ten years worth of data documenting bycatch by high-volume herring ships in areas identified as spawning grounds and sanctu

document July 14, 2009

Fishermen Amicus Filing

This document was filed by a coalition of New England fishermen seeking to support Earthjustice and the Midcoast Fishermen’s Assocation’s lawsuit to ban industrial herring trawlers from critical fishing grounds.