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Press Release October 14, 2022

Federal Judge Refuses to Overturn Approval of Dirty Line 3 Pipeline

The pipeline is harming Anishinaabe resources and worsening climate change

Gio Cerise, a member of the White Earth Nation, plays a drum and prays in front of Line 3 pipeline construction on Highway 169 south of Hill City, Minn.
(Ben Hovland)
Article October 1, 2021

Tribes Defend Minnesota Waterways From Dangerous Line 3 Pipeline

Representing the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians, the White Earth Band of Ojibwe, Honor the Earth, and Sierra Club, Earthjustice is fighting the pipeline in federal court.

Press Release September 29, 2021

Line 3 to Begin Flow of Dirty Tar Sands Oil Friday

The Biden administration still has time to reverse course and conduct required analysis

In the News: E&E News August 24, 2021

Line 3 is about to come online. What will Biden do?

Moneen Nasmith, Attorney, Northeast Office, Earthjustice: “Enbridge’s activities are causing serious harm to wetlands, waterways, and indigenous cultural resources every day they continue.”

Map of crude oil, petroleum product, hydrocarbon liquid, and natural gas pipelines in the contiguous United States.
(U.S. Energy Information Administration)
feature July 14, 2021

Why Are Fossil Fuel Pipelines Bad for Our Climate and Communities?

The threat from pipelines may be big, but it is solvable.

document July 12, 2021

Line 3 Reply Brief in Opposition to Cross Motion for Summary Judgement

Line 3 Brief in Opposition to DOJ Cross Motion

In the News: Associated Press July 5, 2021

New infrastructure deal must focus on climate

Drew Caputo, VP of Litigation, Earthjustice: “We’re not going to successfully fight climate change if we trade pipeline for pipeline.’’

In the News: Gizmodo June 24, 2021

Joe Biden’s Justice Department Defends Line 3 Pipeline

Moneen Nasmith, Attorney, Northeast Office, Earthjustice: “We were hoping that if the Biden team is going to be real about their commitments that they’ve made in the executive orders that they have issued since coming into office on climate, on tribal issues, on environmental justice, that, at a minimum, they weren’t going to come out…

Press Release June 24, 2021

Biden Administration Signals Climate and Tribal Impacts Irrelevant to Line 3

The Biden administration must reject Trump’s policies on climate and tribal resources

Native women lead hundreds of marchers to a spot near where the Line 3 pipeline will cross under the Mississippi River during a protest on Jan. 9, 2021.
(Ben Hovland)
From the Experts June 21, 2021

Line 3 Tests Biden’s Commitments on Climate Change and Indigenous Communities

The Biden administration has a chance to show whether they stand with the people or the polluters.

In the News: The New York Times June 7, 2021

Pipeline Protest Tests Biden’s Pledges on Climate and Native American Lands

Moneen Nasmith, Attorney, Northeast Office, Earthjustice: “Particularly from a climate standpoint, the case for a brand-new, massive tar-sands pipeline is extremely thin and frankly nonexistent. Now is the time to do better by tribes, to take climate change seriously, to take environmental considerations seriously.”

In the News: Minnesota Public Radio June 4, 2021

As Line 3 construction rolls on, river crossings draw pipeline resisters

Moneen Nasmith, Attorney, Northeast Office, Earthjustice: “You can end up having the mud that is used to drill the tunnel blow back and seep out into the groundwater, and into the water table along where you’re drilling your tunnel, in a way that causes tremendous amounts of damage.”

In the News: The American Prospect April 22, 2021

Will Biden Cancel Minnesota’s Line 3 Oil Pipeline?

Moneen Nasmith, Attorney, Northeast Office, Earthjustice: “Enbridge likes to tout its safety record, but we have no way of really predicting when these spills will happen. The kinds of waterways and resources that this pipeline is crossing are just so important to preserve. It really is such a bad idea and such a terribly shortsighted…

Native women lead hundreds of marchers to a spot near where the Line 3 pipeline will cross under the Mississippi River during a protest on Jan. 9, 2021.
(Ben Hovland)
case April 19, 2021

Defending Minnesota Waterways From the Dangerous Line 3 Pipeline

Construction of the Line 3 pipeline — proposed by Canadian oil giant Enbridge to carry 790,000 barrels of tar sands oil per day — has damaged land, water, and ecosystems that are part of the Anishinaabe heritage and key to their survival. The new pipeline path would cut directly through areas with some of the…

In the News: Vox March 25, 2021

The Indigenous-led fight to stop the Line 3 oil pipeline expansion in Minnesota, explained

Moneen Nasmith, Attorney, Northeast Office, Earthjustice: “There are very important concerns that have not been appropriately addressed by the state or the federal government — climate, issues concerning tribes and tribal citizens’ well-being, and water quality.”

Press Release February 8, 2021

Federal Court Allows Harmful Line 3 Oil Project to Continue

Minnesota Tribes press case to halt harm to waterways

In the News: Between the Lines February 3, 2021

Line 3 Tar Sands Pipeline: Target of Renewed International Opposition

Interview with Moneen Nasmith, attorney, Northeast Office, Earthjustice