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Members of Mālama Mākua photographed after the ceremony of the opening of the Makahiki in Mākua in 2016. (Courtesy of Mālama Mākua)
Press Release: Victory December 1, 2023

Hawai‘i’s Mākua Valley Forever Protected from Explosive Military Training

After 25 years of community advocacy, the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of the Army declare Mākua safe from future use of mortars, artillery, and other live-fire training

Mākua beach and valley on the west coast of O‘ahu, Hawai‘i. (Backyard Production / Getty Images)
Article: Victory December 1, 2023

Hawaiʻi’s Valleys Get Permanent Protection from Damaging Military Training

After decades of advocacy, the Secretary of Defense announced that live-fire training will never happen at the Mākua Military Reservation again.

document November 30, 2023

Mākua Military Reservation Joint Statement Nov 30 2023

Mālama Mākua and Defendants Sec. of Defense and Sec of the U.S. Army, re defendants’ recent decision that they no longer need to conduct live-fire training at Mākua Military Reservation (MMR), now or in the future, and, therefore, no new unexploded ordnance (UXO) will be added to MMR.

document August 3, 2018

Mākua Military Reservation Judge's Settlement Order

On November 7, 2016, Plaintiff Malama Makua filed a complaint alleging that Defendants violated paragraph 8(a) and (b) and paragraph 13 of the Settlement Agreement and Stipulated Order in Malama Makua v. Rumsfeld, Civ. No. 00 -00813 SOM LEK (D. Haw. Oct. 4, 2001) (“2001 Settlement”).

document November 7, 2016

Legal Document: Hawaiian Cultural Group Sues U.S. Army Over Cultural Access at Makua

Mālama Mākua, represented by Earthjustice, is taking the U.S. Army back to court for violating cultural access rights to sacred sites at Mākua Military Reservation on Oʻahu. The reservation contains 100 sites eligible for listing on the national historic register, including Hawaiian temples, shrines, petroglyphs and other historical and cultural sites.

The U.S. military evicted local families from Mākua during World War II, converting the valley into a live-fire training facility. The area was subject to ship-to-shore bombardment by naval guns. Large bombs were dropped, and Mākua’s church was used for target practice and destroyed.
(Photo courtesy of Ed Greevy)
Press Release November 7, 2016

Hawaiian Cultural Group Sues U.S. Army Over Cultural Access at Makua

The Army’s two-and-a-half year ban on access to cultural sites at Mākua Military Reservation on O‘ahu violates a 2001 court-ordered settlement

Press Release: Victory June 21, 2012

Court Confirms No Live-Fire Training at Mākua until Army Completes Missing Studies

Army ordered to report on progress in studying marine contamination, threats to cultural sites

Press Release: Victory October 3, 2011

Court Rejects Army Study Of Contamination In Mākua’s Marine Resources

Community deprived of vital information about food safety because army failed to test species that local families actually eat

Article February 17, 2011

Era of Mortars and Artillery Shells Ends For Makua

The Army’s announcement in January that it is abandoning plans to resume the most destructive type of live-fire training at Makua Military Reservation on O‘ahu represents a major step forward in Earthjustice’s longstanding effort to protect Makua’s unique biological and cultural treasures. Makua, which means “parents” in Hawaiian, is home to more than 40 federally…

Press Release October 27, 2010

Court Rules Army Violated Makua Settlement Agreements

Army’s marine contamination study flawed, archaeological survey incomplete

Press Release: Victory November 19, 2009

Court Rules Army Must Give Community Meaningful Information on Training Impacts

Marine contamination, cultural sites at Makua at stake

Article November 10, 2009

Taking On The Military In Hawaii

Earthjustice attorney to tell U.N. about military’s impact

The Mākua Military Reservation is located in a culturally and ecologically important area, with scores of Hawaiian cultural sites and nearly fifty endangered plants and animals threatened by training.
(David Henkin / Earthjustice)
case September 28, 2009

Restoring Makua Valley

In October 2001, Earthjustice reached a settlement agreement with the U.S. Army that requires the Army to prepare an environmental impact statement (EIS) for its proposed resumption of live-fire training at Mākua Military Reservation (MMR) on Oahu, a culturally and ecologically important area, with scores of Hawaiian cultural sites and nearly fifty endangered plants and…

document August 13, 2009

Makua Cultural Sites Complaint

Asks District in Hawai‘i to set aside the Army’s environmental impact statement (EIS) for proposed military training at Makua Military Reservation because the Army failed to prepare key contamination studies and archaeological surveys.

Press Release August 12, 2009

HAWAI`I: Army Back in Court over Failure to Study Contamination Threats to Cultural Sites at Makua

Malama Makua seeks ban on live-fire training until required studies completed

document January 23, 2009

Makua Order (1/23/09)

Clarifying order on the U.S. Army’s duty to provide access to Makua holy sites

Press Release: Victory January 23, 2009

Court Finds Army "Unjustly Enriched" by Years of Delay in Hawai`i

Army ordered to involve public, focus on increasing access to sacred sites at Makua

Press Release March 13, 2008

Hawaiian Groups Demand Answers on Makua Sacred Sites

Stryker Brigade to push training to Makua?