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Montana’s cold, clean streams contain some of the last prime habitat in the United States for threatened bull trout, whose historic range has shrunk by half.
(Joel Sartore / National Geographic Stock / U.S. FWS)
case March 18, 2013

Challenging Weak Wildlife Protections in Montana

Western Montana still has large stretches of mountain‐and‐meadow land, making it one of the last remaining strongholds in the lower‐48 states for grizzly bears, which once ranged south into Mexico and west to the Pacific, but today occupy only a few, isolated segments of remaining habitat in the northern Rockies and surrounding lands. Further, Montana’s…

document March 18, 2013

Montana HCP Complaint

Press Release March 18, 2013

Suit Filed Challenging Montana’s Weak Wildlife Protections on State Trust Lands

State Habitat Conservation Plan approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service fails to adequately protect threatened bull trout and grizzly bears