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A Native American community member places a hand on the Red Road totem pole during a tour stop at Greater Chaco Canyon in northwestern New Mexico.
(Wingspan Media & Te Maia Wiki)
Article July 31, 2021

Indigenous Heritage Sites Are at Risk of Destruction. Biden Can Change That.

A historic totem pole journey builds pressure on the Biden administration to fulfill promises made to the first peoples of America’s lands and waters.

document January 9, 2018

Preliminary Summary of National Marine Fisheries Service Biological Opinion for Chlorpyrifos, Diazinon, and Malathion

An Earthjustice summary of the National Marine Fisheries Service report finding that organophosphate pesticides jeopardize salmon survival and destroy their critical habitat.

A coho salmon spawns on the Salmon River in Oregon.
(U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)
Press Release January 9, 2018

Chlorpyrifos Pesticide Harms Salmon And Orcas, Government Report Says

Organophosphate pesticides jeopardize salmon survival and destroy their critical habitat

document March 27, 2017

3-27 Ruling on Injunction – Columbia/Snake River Salmon

A federal judge orders more water to be released over dam spillways in the Pacific Northwest to aid endangered salmon.

document November 29, 2011

Conservation Leaders' Letter

Press Release October 25, 2011

Feds Failing to Make Progress on Salmon Restoration

Plaintiffs seek steps to get on track

Press Release July 13, 2011

Fishermen, Businesses, Salmon Groups Ask Court to Increase Endangered Salmon Survival

Groups appeal for scientifically supported water releases to get young salmon past big dams

Press Release January 26, 2011

Salmon and the State of the Union

Call to streamline government achievable by reversing damage to salmon rivers and streams

Press Release August 20, 2010

Fishing Businesses and Conservationists Renew Litigation Against Flawed Federal Salmon Plan

Devoid of science, plan violates federal law and harms fishing communities

feature January 3, 2006

Salmon Protection in the Northwest

Salmon Protection in the Northwest

Press Release February 24, 2004

Bush Administration to Determine Fate of Northwest Salmon

Ninth Circuit panel finds court lacks jurisdiction

case December 26, 2001

Northwest Salmon Protections

Organizations representing various industry groups have filed several suits trying to strip away Endangered Species Act protection from salmon in the Pacific Northwest. Earthjustice has intervened to defend the protections, on the theory that hatcheries can replace wild salmon and their habitat.