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Update September 29, 2023

A Scaled-Back Offshore Leasing Plan Opens Door to Decades of Oil Extraction

The sales under this program would lock the U.S. into up to 70 additional years of offshore oil and gas extraction, further burdening the health of Gulf communities and imperiling our climate.

Oil drilling infrastructure in the Gulf of Mexico. (Brad Zweerink for Earthjustice)
Press Release September 29, 2023

Earthjustice Responds to Biden Administration’s Final Five-Year Offshore Oil-and-Gas Leasing Program

The plan is considerably slimmed down from original proposal but still offers up the Gulf to oil and gas industry

document September 29, 2023

Fact Sheet: Five-Year Offshore Oil & Gas Leasing Program

Earthjustice analyzed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and the Act’s connection between offshore oil and gas leasing and renewable energy leasing. Even under Earthjustice‚Äôs strictest reading of the IRA, Interior does not need to include more than a single oil and gas sale to allow for all planned federal offshore wind leasing.

document September 25, 2023

Earthjustice Responds to Initial Fifth Circuit Ruling on Appeal of Court Order to Remove Protections for Endangered Whale from Gulf Lease Sale

Court allows Department of Interior to delay Gulf of Mexico oil and gas auction to November 8, 2023.

Press Release September 22, 2023

Environmental Groups Appeal Western District of Louisiana Order to Remove Protections for Endangered Whale from Gulf Lease Sale

Emergency order seeks to reinstate protections before upcoming, massive offshore oil and gas sale

document September 22, 2023

Emergency Motion for Stay Pending Appeal – Order Removes Protections from Endangered Rice’s Whale

Emergency order seeks to reinstate protections before upcoming, massive offshore oil and gas sale

document September 21, 2023

Western District of Louisiana Court Order Lease Sale 261

Granting plaintiffs’ preliminary injunction motion

Offshore oil and gas platforms are a common site in the Gulf of Mexico, including this one off the Louisiana coast. (Brad Zweerink / Earthjustice)
Press Release August 25, 2023

Lawsuit Challenges Massive Offshore Lease Sale for Failing to Properly Consider Gulf Communities and Climate

The lease sale is scheduled close to release of Five-Year Program, which may include 10+ additional offshore oil lease sales

document August 25, 2023

Complaint: Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Lease Sale 261

Plaintiffs challenge the unlawful decision by Secretary of the Interior Debra Haaland to hold Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Lease Sale 261 based on insufficient and arbitrary environmental analyses, in violation of the National Environmental Policy Act and the Administrative Procedure Act.

document July 11, 2023

Gulf and Environmental Groups Call on Interior Department to End Routine Fast-Tracking of Offshore Oil Drilling Projects

Petition outlines how decades-old use of ‚Äúcategorical exclusion‚ÄĚ allows companies to skip over risk assessments in oil and gas ‚Äúsacrifice zone‚ÄĚ

document November 23, 2022

Conservation Groups' Opposition to Motions to Dismiss Gulf Lease 257

Following reinstatement of massive offshore lease after passage of Inflation Reduction Act

Press Release: Victory August 30, 2022

Federal Court Sends Two Unlawful Trump-Era Offshore Oil Lease Sales in Gulf of Mexico Back to Department of Interior to Reconsider

Court rules that the 78 million acre sales violated bedrock environmental law

document August 30, 2022

2018 Gulf Lease Sale Appeal

The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals rules that the Trump administration unlawfully auctioned off millions of acres to oil companies in two 2018 Gulf of Mexico lease sales. Reversing a lower court’s decision, the appellate court held that the federal officials arbitrarily relied on inadequate environmental analyses of the sales’ effects and relied on incorrect assumptions about the sufficiency of safety regulations, violating a bedrock environmental law.

Press Release November 17, 2021

Despite Environmental Commitments Made at COP, Biden Administration Offers Over 80 Million Acres of Gulf of Mexico for Oil, Gas Drilling

Gulf and environmental groups fight to stop issuance of leases with active lawsuit

A new offshore lease sale would add more fossil fuel infrastructure in the Gulf of Mexico and worsen the climate crisis.
 (Brad Zweerink / Earthjustice)
Update November 17, 2021

Biden Administration Invites Climate Catastrophe with Oil and Gas Lease Sale

Earthjustice is suing to stop this commitment to decades of greenhouse gas emissions.

document July 29, 2021

Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement Required for Lease Sale 257

Letter directed to Secretary Haaland, Director Lefton, Mr. Anderson, and Mr. Annatoyn

document August 7, 2019

Lawsuit Challenges Trump Administration’s Huge Offshore Drilling Sale in Gulf of Mexico

Administration opens 78 million acres to oil leasing after courts block Arctic, Atlantic drilling

Plataformas petroleras en el Golfo de México. (Lucasz Z / Shutterstock)
Press Release August 6, 2019

Demanda Desafía Una Enorme Venta Realizada por la Administración Trump Para La Perforación Mar Adentro en El Golfo de México

La administraci√≥n abri√≥ un arrendamiento de 78 millones de acres a compa√Ī√≠as petroleras despu√©s de que los tribunales bloquearan la perforaci√≥n en el Atl√°ntico y el √Ārtico