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The high-voltage transmission lines would have extended east for 275 miles, cutting through Virginia to their terminus in Maryland.
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case: Victory July 30, 2013

Ending PATH To Coal Power

The Potomac-Appalachian Transmission Highline (PATH) called for construction of high-voltage transmission lines starting in West Virginia near the John E. Amos coal-fired power plant, which is ranked as one of the dirtiest coal plants in the country for mercury, sulfur dioxide, and carbon dioxide pollution. The lines would have extended east for 275 miles, cutting…

Document February 28, 2011

PJM BOM Statement

Press Release December 30, 2009

Coal-Power Transmission Line Off the Table

Corporations forced to admit power not needed

Press Release October 27, 2009

Experts Raise Concerns About New Transmission Line from Coal Country to Eastern Grid

PATH would make grid less reliable, increase air pollution

Document October 26, 2009

PATH Testimony – Hyde Merrill

PATH transmission line testimony.

Document October 26, 2009

PATH Testimony – George Loehr

Expert testimony was submitted before the Virginia State Corporation Commission on the proposed PATH transmission line.

Document October 26, 2009

PATH Testimony – Chris James

PATH Transmission Line Testimony

Document October 26, 2009

PATH Testimony – Robert Fagan

PATH Transmission Line Testimony – Robert Fagan

Document July 27, 2009

PATH Notice of Participation

In these papers filed with the Virginia State Corporation Commission, Earthjustice and Sierra Club argue against the proposed Potomac-Appalachian Transmission Highline which would bring coal-fired power to new markets in the Northeast.

Press Release July 27, 2009

Groups Intervene to Stop Transmission Lines for Coal Plants

$1.9 billion project would boost profits for dirty old coal plants and hamper clean energy efforts