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document December 9, 2011

Ghost Ships Complaint

Press Release: Victory May 31, 2007

Toxic Ghost Fleet Ship Export to UK Stopped

Legal challenge keeps recycling jobs in the U.S.

Press Release March 3, 2005

Groups Claim Success Despite Dismissal of Ghost Fleet Export Case

US and international standards on toxic waste laws enforced

Press Release October 15, 2004

Legal Challenge Keeping "Ghost Fleet" Ship Scrapping Jobs in the US

Export plan would violate law and common sense

Press Release May 4, 2004

Discovery of PCBs Prevents Bay Area "Artship" From Being Scrapped in China

Finding raises questions about fate of Navy “Ghost Fleet”

Press Release November 4, 2003

Toxic Ship Export Deal Declared Illegal by UK

US Environmental groups call on Bush Administration to Safely Return and Recycle ‘Ghost Fleet’ in USA

Press Release October 20, 2003

Bush Administration Backs Down on Plan to Ship Toxic Ships Overseas

Administration will study threats posed by ships and reconsider plan in April

Press Release October 2, 2003

Bush Administration to Export Four Toxic Ships: British Warn they Might be Returned

Judge Partially Grants Temporary Restraining Order, Activists Vow to Press on with Lawsuit

Press Release September 26, 2003

Bush Administration Violates PCB Export Ban

Environmental Groups File Suit to Halt Export Of Toxic “Ghost Fleet” To England

Workers breakdown a ship. The "Ghost Fleet" vessels contained 100 tons of persistent and toxic PCBs.
(Photo courtesy of Naquib Hossain)
case: Victory October 20, 2001

Recycling A Toxic Fleet Of Ghost Ships

The Bush administration’s plans to export nine ex-naval “Ghost Fleet” vessels from the James River in Virginia to Teesside, England, for scrapping has itself been finally scrapped, according to the Able UK company. The 13 ships are in serious states of deterioration with several of them already having leaked oil into the James River. According…