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document January 12, 2018

NMFS Report on Organophosphates and Salmon

Biological Opinion: Environmental Protection Agency's registration of chlorpyrifos, malathion, and diazinon. Chlorpyrifos pesticide harms salmon and orcas.

feature September 9, 2013

Running on Empty: Fate of Salmon at Stake in Western Water Fight

Entire runs of salmon are losing out to a system of dams, pumps and diversions that take the flow of life from rivers along America’s West Coast.

Press Release May 1, 2013

Pesticide Regulation Overhaul Needed to Protect Wildlife from Pesticides

National Research Council finds regulation must account for greater risks

document October 31, 2011

2077 Memorandum Opinion

Press Release: Victory October 31, 2011

Judge Upholds Best Science to Protect Endangered Salmon from Pesticide Peril

A big win for fish and human health

Press Release January 31, 2011

Salmon Pesticide Protections Under Attack by Politicians

House Natural Resources Chair Rep. Doc Hastings and 17 other House members take action to bolster the pesticide industry

Press Release January 26, 2011

Salmon and the State of the Union

Call to streamline government achievable by reversing damage to salmon rivers and streams

Press Release November 29, 2010

Fishing, Health and Conservation Groups Act to Protect Salmon from Pesticide Peril

EPA’s eight years of failure draws legal action

Press Release: Victory May 21, 2010

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to Soon Restrict Pesticide Use in Northwest

Move comes after pesticide makers refuse to take steps to protect salmon

Press Release: Victory September 11, 2009

EPA Announces Alternative Plan to Protect Salmon from Pesticides

Additional limitations placed on the use of chlorpyrifos, diazinon and malathion

Press Release April 21, 2009

Federal Government Finds Three More Pesticides Harm Salmon

Prescribes mitigation measures

Press Release November 18, 2008

Federal Government Announces Plan to Protect Salmon from Pesticides

Plan promises cleaner water

Press Release August 13, 2008

Fisheries Service Finds Three Pesticides Imperil West Coast Salmon

Findings illustrate danger of Bush proposal to dump Endangered Species Act

document July 30, 2008

Settlement Agreement

Press Release July 30, 2008

Federal Fishery Service Agrees to Review Pesticide Harm to Salmon

Positive first step toward getting pesticides out of water

document June 20, 2007

D.Robert Lohn letter

Letter to MNFS on Salmon Pesticide Delay