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Raid is a popular pesticide that is widely distributed throughout the U.S.
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Article July 8, 2015

Buyer Beware: What We Don’t Know Could Hurt Us

Because of lax labeling requirements, the public is left in the dark about hazardous pesticide ingredients.

A crop duster sprays pesticides over a farmfield.
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case March 5, 2014

Challenging EPA's Failure to Require Pesticide Ingredient Disclosure

Earthjustice is representing the Center for Environmental Health, Beyond Pesticides, and Physicians for Social Responsibility in a case challenging the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for failing to complete rulemaking that would require pesticides manufacturers to disclose the inert ingredients found in their products. An inert ingredient is any ingredient that is “not active,” or not…

Press Release March 5, 2014

Health Advocates Challenge EPA’s Failure to Require Pesticide Ingredient Disclosure

Undisclosed ingredients are often times more toxic than active ingredients