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Press Release: Victory February 8, 2013

Overdue Standards Better Protect People from Human Pesticide Tests

The pesticide industry has used unethical, unscientific tests of pesticides on human subjects to push for weakened federal controls. Earthjustice legal action led to new EPA standards that limit this egregious practice.

Article December 7, 2012

Friday Finds: Fido’s Chemical Body Burden

Your favorite four-legged companion may get a dose of toxic chemicals the next time you throw him/her a chew toy. That’s the conclusion of an as-yet unpublished study, which found that dogs that chew on plastic toys may be exposed to hormone-altering chemicals like bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates. The new study, conducted at Texas…

Press Release January 25, 2011

EPA Proposes Stronger Protections for People in Pesticide Experiments

Rule barring unethical research moves closer to completion

Press Release: Victory June 17, 2010

EPA Settles Lawsuit Challenging Rules Allowing Pesticide Tests On People

Agency to propose new standards that bar unethical and unscientific research

case: Victory February 24, 2006

Stopping the Use of Humans as Test Subjects in Pesticide Research

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency had issued a rule on pesticide testing on humans that favored the chemical industry and did not meet the scientific and ethical standards recommended by the National Academy of Sciences and outlined by the Nuremberg Code after World War II. In 2006, a coalition of health and environmental advocates, and…

Press Release February 23, 2006

Groups Sue EPA for Approving Unethical and Illegal Human Pesticide Testing

Strict ethical and scientific protections for pesticide testing on humans ignored