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In the News: CNN March 28, 2024

Biden administration strengthens Endangered Species Act protections weakened under Trump

Drew Caputo, VP of Litigation for Lands, and Wildlife, Oceans: “There’s a climate crisis and there’s also a biodiversity crisis. I think a lot of people think the climate crisis is the main driver of the biodiversity crisis — that’s not true. It’s habitat destruction.”

A gray wolf howls in the woods of the the upper Midwest. (Jerry & Barb Jividen / Getty Images)
Press Release March 28, 2024

Earthjustice Responds to Biden Administration’s Final Endangered Species Act Rulemaking

Biden administration falls short of fully restoring ESA

document August 21, 2023

Technical Comments Regarding Proposed Changes to Endangered Species Act

Public comment period for proposed rulemakings on how Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service protect species and habitats

A turtle swims offshore of Kahekili Beach Park, Maui, Hawaiʻi. (Courtesy of Don McLeish)
Press Release April 18, 2023

Attacks on the Endangered Species Act Continue With House Consideration of Wildlife Bills

Proposals seek to weaken species protections on behalf of special interests

Press Release November 16, 2022

Judge Allows Biden Administration to Delay Restoring Critical Endangered Species Act Protections

Administration will keep harmful Trump era regulations in place for indeterminate period

In the News: The Hill July 5, 2022

Court Nixes Trump-era Rules Loosening Endangered Species Protections

Kristen Boyles, Managing Attorney, Northwest Office, Earthjustice: “The whole point of the Endangered Species Act is to give protections to species that are on the brink of extinction. The Trump rules that have today been repealed did nothing to help species and in fact did affirmative harm to how species are protected in this country.…

document July 5, 2022

2019 ESA Regs Order Granting Motion to Remand and Vacating Challenged Regulations

Motion to remand without vacatur filed by Defendants Deb Haaland, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Gina Raimondo, and National Marine Fisheries Service The Court will grant the motion for remand but will vacate the challenged regulations.

Press Release: Victory July 5, 2022

Federal Court Restores Critical Endangered Species Act Protections

Administration planned to keep harmful Trump era regulations in place for indeterminate period

In the News: The New York Times June 23, 2022

Trump Definition of ‘Habitat’ for Endangered Species Tossed

Kristen Boyles, Managing Attorney, Northwest Regional Office: “These harmful rules have been in place for almost three years and the Biden administration is still missing in action. And the agencies are, of course, using them because they have to use the regulations that are in place.”

Press Release October 26, 2021

Biden Administration Moves to Fix Endangered Species Act but Trump Rules Remain

Earthjustice will pursue litigation to stop disastrous policies that remain in place as the administration begins rulemaking

Press Release September 29, 2021

Earthjustice: Biden Administration Must Act to Prevent More Extinctions

Reversing Trump rollbacks to the Endangered Species Act among first steps

Press Release June 4, 2021

Biden Administration to Repeal and Revise Harmful Trump Endangered Species Act Rules

Agencies will begin several rule-making processes to eliminate disastrous regulations

Press Release June 4, 2021

La Administración de Biden Derogará y Revisará Las Reglas De La Ley De Especies En Peligro De Extinción Perjudiciales De Trump

Las agencias comenzarán varios procesos de elaboración de reglas para eliminar dichas regulaciones desastrosas

A manatee calf with its mother at Three Sisters Springs in Florida. Manatees are a threatened species protected under the Endangered Species Act. (James R.D. Scott / Getty Images)
case January 14, 2021

Defending the Endangered Species Act

The Endangered Species Act is one of the most visionary and effective environmental laws ever enacted. It requires all federal agencies to consult with expert federal wildlife agencies to ensure that their actions will not harm endangered species and, when necessary, to develop project alternatives that will mitigate any possible harm to endangered species. Consultation…

document January 14, 2021

Complaint over Section 4 of the Endangered Species Act

Complaint challenging the Trump administration’s promulgation of a definition for “habitat” as part of the regulations that implement
section 4 of the Endangered Species Act.

document January 14, 2021

Prioritizing Industry Complaint – Endangered Species Act

Complaint to challenge the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s promulgation of a new rule implementing section 4(b)(2) of the Endangered Species Act, which strips vital protections from federal lands and other areas that the best available science indicate are necessary for the conservation of threatened and endangered species.

Press Release January 14, 2021

Groups Challenge Trump Administration’s Latest Assaults on the Endangered Species Act

Regulations finalized last month strip vital protection from imperiled species’ essential recovery habitat

Update January 14, 2021

We’re Defending Endangered Species from the Trump Administration’s Last-Minute Attacks

Earthjustice just filed a suite of lawsuits to defend the Endangered Species Act and the creatures and landscapes it protects, including the iconic gray wolf.