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Packages of d-CON on store shelves.
(Photo used with permission)
Article: Victory June 12, 2014

A Bad Month for Poisons

Some of the gravest poisoning threats to children, pets and wildlife will disappear because of agreements reached by Earthjustice.

An owl is treated for poisoning from second-generation anticoagulants. d-Con (left) poisons predators that eat the weakened rodents.
(Right photo by Alison Hermance / Courtesy of WildCare)
Press Release: Victory May 30, 2014

d-CON Agrees to Pull Super-Toxic Rat Poisons From Stores

Following years of pressure from conservation, public-health and animal-rights groups, the maker of the rat poison d-CON agreed today to stop producing its super-toxic rat poisons and pull the products from store shelves by early next year. Reckitt Benckiser, the parent company of d-CON, had been challenging a decision by the EPA to limit the…

d-CON products.
(Photo used with permission)
Article: Victory May 30, 2014

Victory: d-Con To Be Killed Off

The rodent killer d-CON—which also kills pets and poisons children—will cease being made by year’s end under an agreement reached with the EPA.

document May 28, 2014

Reckitt Benckiser Memo MOI

A gray fox suffering from rodenticide poisoning.
(Photo courtesy of Melanie Piazza / Wildcare)
Press Release May 28, 2014

Legal Action Taken to Reduce Wildlife Poisoning

Groups intervene in lawsuit by d-CON producers fighting California’s controls on super-toxic rat poisons

Press Release March 31, 2014

d-CON Producer Sues California to Fight Controls on Super-toxic Rat Poisons

New rodenticide limits would protect wildlife and pets from poisoning

Press Release March 20, 2014

California Bans Retail Sale of Toxic Rat Poisons

California has approved a statewide ban on direct-to-consumer sale of some of the most dangerous rat poisons but loopholes still leave many wildlife species at risk. The ban approved Tuesday, which will go into effect July 1, prohibits the sale of certain products by d-CON, the only second-generation anticoagulant rodenticide sold directly to the general…

A gray fox suffering from rodenticide poisoning.
(Photo courtesy of Melanie Piazza / Wildcare)
feature June 18, 2013

d-CON: Taking Aim at a Wildlife Killer

d-CON kills rats and mice—and owls, foxes, bobcats, coyotes, and eagles. It also poisons 60,000 kids every year. Earthjustice is working to inform the public about this poison.

A gray fox suffering from rodenticide poisoning.
(Photo courtesy of Melanie Piazza / Wildcare)
case: Victory April 29, 2013

Challenging the Approval of Dangerous Rat Poisons

A group of rodenticides that did not comply with basic safety measures were posing a significant threat to bobcats, foxes, owls and other animals that are apt to eat poisoned rats or mice. The rodenticides at issue, known as “second-generation anticoagulants” and marketed by British-based multinational conglomerate Reckitt Benckiser LLC, under the brand name “d-CON,”…

document April 29, 2013

Rodenticide Motion to Intervene

Press Release April 29, 2013

Wildlife Conservation Groups Join Fight to Ban d-CON Rat Poisons

Manufacturer rejected safeguards against accidental poisonings

document March 7, 2013

Rodenticide Manufacturer Challenge

Press Release March 7, 2013

Rat Poison Manufacturer Challenges EPA Ban of d-CON Product

Reckitt Benckiser wants to keep selling product despite risks to children and wildlife

Article January 31, 2013

EPA Moves To Ban Dangerous Rat Poison

There’s a dangerous type of mouse and rat poison on the market that when eaten by the rodents, causes them to bleed to death internally. Problems arise when the poison sometimes finds its way into the hands of kids or pets or moves up the food chain from rats and mice to foxes, bobcats, owls…

Article December 18, 2012

Poisoning The Well

She was one of 26 mountain lions being studied by National Park Service biologists. Collared back in August along with her brother, Puma-25 had been dead for about a week before hikers found her on an October Sunday in Point Mugu State Park, located in the Santa Monica Mountains. Her death, though, didn’t come at…

document December 11, 2012

Notice to CA DPR on Second Generation Anticoagulants

Notice opposing CA DPR’s proposed decision to renew second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides

Press Release December 11, 2012

California Urged to Ban Super-toxic Rat Poison

Rodent-killing poisons also kill foxes, hawks, other wildlife