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document May 29, 2015

District Court of Appeals Denial of Industry Challenges to PVC Standards

May 29th the D.C. Circuit denied industry challenges to new national air toxics standards for polyvinyl chloride plants. These standards were only put in place after over a decade of nearly constant litigation and advocacy by Earthjustice.

The federal court decision to deny a PVC industry request to delay pollution protections is a public health victory for families around the United States.
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Press Release: Victory May 21, 2014

Federal Court Denies PVC Industry Request to Delay Pollution Protections

Earlier this week, a U.S. Court of Appeals denied the Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) industry’s request to delay the April 2015 compliance date for federal limits on the toxic pollution emitted by PVC plastics plants. The Louisiana Environmental Action Network, Mossville Environmental Action Now, Air Alliance Houston and Sierra Club, represented by Earthjustice, fought the industry’s…

Press Release October 1, 2012

EPA Reconsiders Deficient PVC Air Rule

Recognizes need to seek public comment and address affected communities’ concerns

Press Release August 8, 2012

Faith-Based and Socially Responsible Investors Call on EPA to Strengthen Air Safeguards at PVC Plants

Investors urge EPA to protect environmental justice communities

Article June 21, 2012

A Community Being Poisoned from Within

Last year, the EPA proposed an air rule that would finally limit the amount of cancer-causing chemicals residents in Mossville, Louisiana would have to breathe from the polyvinyl chloride plant nearby. So it came as a blow when the EPA released a final rule that imposes weaker limits at the CertainTeed plant in Mossville—a facility…

document June 19, 2012

PVC Petition for Reconsideration

Article June 19, 2012

Advocate for Clean Air Dies

Edgar Mouton lived much of his 76 years in Mossville, Louisiana, and for the past decade fought doggedly to obtain federal protections from the toxic pollution that pours into Mossville from the largest concentration of PVC and vinyl manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and a host of other hazardous industrial facilities. As a great-grandfather and…

document June 18, 2012

PVC Lawsuit

Press Release June 18, 2012

EPA Rule Leaves Gulf Coast Communities Burdened With More Toxic Pollution

Community groups’ lawsuit challenges EPA’s weakened protections against toxic air pollution from polyvinyl chloride facilities

document June 15, 2012

PVC Emissions Data

Article June 2, 2010

CNN Investigates a 'Toxic America'

Residents of Mossville, La. speak out in debut of a new CNN investigation

document November 5, 2009

PVC Settlement Agreement

PVC Settlement Agreement with EPA

Press Release: Victory November 5, 2009

Gulf Coast Communities Praise EPA Plan to Limit PVC Plant Pollution

Court settlement reached, agency to limit emissions of cancer-causing toxins starting in July 2011

Article November 5, 2009

EPA Agrees To Regulate Toxins From PVC Plants

Earthjustice settlement is healthy news for Gulf Coast residents

Polyvinyl chloride pipes. Communities in the shadow of PVC plants suffer from high rates of cancer and asthma.
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case October 31, 2008

Obtaining Stronger Standards for PVC Plants

Each year, PVC (or polyvinyl chloride) plants are responsible for pumping approximately 500,000 pounds of vinyl chloride—a known human carcinogen—and many other toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. These plants have had incredibly damaging effects on communities throughout the country, especially in Louisiana. In Mossville, Louisiana, a historically African American community that is home to two…

Press Release October 22, 2008

Groups Head to Court to Seek Protection From PVC Plant Pollution

Many cancer-causing toxins from vinyl manufacturers remain unregulated