EPA Reconsiders Deficient PVC Air Rule

Recognizes need to seek public comment and address affected communities’ concerns


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On Friday, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sent a letter to environmental and community groups who challenged its 2012 air rule for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plants announcing that it will reconsider this rule that failed to adequately limit air pollution nation-wide and singled out two PVC plants in Mossville, Louisiana and Deer Park, Texas for the most lax limits and worst protection. The EPA’s decision is great news for communities who are burdened by this toxic air pollution.

PVC plants in the United States emit more than 1400 tons of hazardous air pollutants every year.
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The following statement is from Dorothy Felix of Mossville, La. and a member of Mossville Environmental Action Now (MEAN):

“This is a strong step forward in Administrator Lisa Jackson’s commitment to environmental justice. Now, we are counting on the EPA to propose a new rule that limits air pollution for everyone affected by PVC plants, including our community.

“We hope that when the EPA reviews this faulty rule and puts it out for public comment they will come up with a strong safeguard that protects our air and lungs. We have been breathing this toxic air for far too long.”

The following statement is from Matthew Tejada, director of Air Alliance Houston, which works in the Deer Park, Texas community:

“It is wonderful that Administrator Lisa Jackson has decided to hear from our affected communities and consider how to fix the problems with its air rule. Now we will look to the EPA to follow through and set stronger limits to protect our health.”

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