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Press Release: Victory May 16, 2013

Court Rules Against Industry Efforts to Hide Health Effects of Styrene

Styrene can be listed as potential carcinogen; public’s right to know upheld

Styrene has long been suspected of being harmful to human health. It is used to manufacture many common household products such as disposable cups, containers and other food-contact materials.
(Photo Courtesy of Matt Schilder)
case May 15, 2013

Defending the Public's Right to Know About Styrene

The chemical styrene is found in all sorts of consumer products—plastics, cars, tires boats and bathtubs, among other things. It is also “reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen.” In other words, it’s important to know that it may be a danger to public health and well-being. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)…

document May 15, 2013

Styrene Appeal Decision

feature January 10, 2013

What You Don't Know Can Kill You

What’s colorless and may cause cancer? The chemical industry doesn’t want you to know the answer is styrene—but Earthjustice is taking them on to reveal the truth.

document May 21, 2012

Styrene Motion to Intervene

Press Release May 21, 2012

Public Health Groups Move to Enter Fight Over Toxic Chemical

Oppose industry challenge to listing styrene as potential carcinogen; Public’s right to know government health findings under attack