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Article April 29, 2011

Washington State Embraces Coal-Free Future

Earthjustice’s Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act legal work was an integral part of the campaign to help bring TransAlta to the negotiating table.

Press Release September 28, 2010

Washingtonians Demand 'Coal to Green by 2015'

Coordinated rallies statewide take on dirty coal plant

document July 9, 2010

TransAlta NPDES Comments

Press Release July 9, 2010

Groups Seek Revision of WA Coal Plant’s Water Pollution Permit

Ecology urged to require stronger pollution treatment up to modern standards

Press Release May 14, 2010

WA Coal Plant Allowed to Keep Polluting

Public health and national parks not protected

Press Release November 11, 2009

Washington State Approves Coal Plant Pollution

Conservation groups work to get stronger pollution controls

Press Release November 3, 2009

Conservation Advocates Seek EPA's Help to Clean Up Washington Coal Plant

Biggest polluter in state getting free pass to dump mercury, other pollutants

The TransAlta coal plant in Centralia, WA, is the largest source of mercury and global warming pollutants in the state.
(Earthjustice Photo)
case: Victory October 1, 2009

Stopping the Transalta Coal Plant in Washington State

A subsidiary of TransAlta Corporation, a Canadian company, owns an old, dirty coal power plant in Centralia, Washington. The plant had never had to control mercury (a potent neurotoxin) or global warming pollutants. That made it the largest source of these pollutants in the state—10 percent of Washington’s total greenhouse gas emissions came from just…

Press Release September 28, 2009

Suit Filed Seeking Pollutant Limits on Coal Plant in Centralia, WA

TransAlta’s dirty coal plant threatens people and national parks

Press Release July 6, 2009

Groups Call for Limits on Air Pollution from Washington Coal Plant

Washington’s largest source of global warming, haze and mercury pollution targeted