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North Antelope Mine in Wyoming's Powder River Basin.
(Photo courtesy of Ecoflight)
From the Experts September 23, 2022

The Biden Administration Must End Our Reliance on Coal

The U.S. coal leasing program is an outdated relic of the past that must be phased out immediately

The North Antelope Rochelle Mine, located in Campbell County, Wyoming, about 65 miles south of Gillette in the Powder River Basin.
From the Experts September 22, 2022

The Biden Administration Must Act on Coal Leasing on Public Lands

The administration has refused to reinstate an Obama-era moratorium as U.S. coal consumption rises

Arch Coal's Black Thunder Mine, Powder River Basin, Wyoming.
(Photo courtesy of Ecoflight)
Update August 23, 2022

Coal Leasing Moratorium Opens Door to a Cleaner Energy Future

A judicial decision gives the Biden administration a chance to make its actions fit its public commitment to fighting climate change.

Press Release: Victory August 12, 2022

Judge Reinstates Obama-Era Coal Leasing Moratorium on Federal Lands

Coal leasing halted until Bureau of Land Management completes sufficient environmental analysis

North Antelope Mine in Wyoming's Powder River Basin.
(Photo courtesy of Ecoflight)
Article July 12, 2022

The Biden Administration Must Reinstate the Coal Leasing Moratorium

The Northern Cheyenne Tribe is part of a lawsuit challenging the Biden administration’s defense of continued coal leasing on public lands.

Oil drilling rigs. (iStockphoto)
feature June 15, 2022

Meeting the Moment

How President Biden can align the federal fossil fuel program to deliver on climate and put people over profits

Document February 24, 2022

Plaintiff's Reply Brief – Coal Leasing

The Tribe and conservation plaintiffs request that this court declare that the challenged decision and environmental assessment (EA) violate the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and federal defendants’ tribal trust obligations, vacate the challenge decision and EA, and remand the federal defendants for analysis consistent with NEPA before resuming coal leasing that would have been foreclosed by the moratorium.

In the News: Washington Post January 27, 2022

Biden fails to change course on fossil fuels, despite a bold campaign pledge

Jenny Harbine, Managing Attorney, Northern Rockies Office, Earthjustice: “The opportunity costs of not doing something will be felt generations into the future if this administration doesn’t reverse course quickly and begin to align its actions with its words.”

Document January 27, 2022

WY MT Joint Memo – Coal Leasing

Intervenor-defendants state of Wyoming and state of Montana’s joint memorandum in support of cross motion for summary judgment and response to plaintiff’s motion for summary judgment.

Document January 27, 2022

National Mining Association Memo – Coal Leasing

Intervenor-defendant National Mining Association’s memorandum of points and authorities in support of cross-motion for summary judgment and opposition to plaintiffs’ motions for summary judgment.

Press Release January 14, 2022

Biden Administration Refuses To Return to Obama-Era Coal Policy

Earthjustice responds to Biden administration failure to act on coal

Document January 13, 2022

Bureau of Land Management Reply Brief – Coal Leasing

Memorandum in support of federal defendants’ cross-motion for summary judgment and in opposition to Citizens for Clean Energy et al. and the Northern Cheyenne Tribe’s motions for summary judgment and supporting memoranda.

Press Release January 10, 2022

Biden Administration Defends Trump-era Decision that Fails to Account for the Costs of Pollution from Leasing Publicly Owned Coal

A missed opportunity to address climate pollution from the largest coal mining region in the U.S.

In the News: Washington Post August 19, 2021

As Biden urges global warming action, courts shape climate policy at home

Jenny Harbine, Attorney, Northern Rockies Office: “There’s a false narrative that is out there that the market will take care of coal, and all we need to do is focus on oil and gas. Coal will not take care of itself on the time frame that’s needed to address our climate crisis.”

In the News: Colorado Sun August 19, 2021

Interior Department launches review of climate damage from coal mining on public lands

Jenny Harbine, Attorney, Northern Rockies Office, Earthjustice: “We’re sitting here in record heat and choking wildfires. There couldn’t be a more important time of the administration to take action to end fossil fuel production from our federal lands.”

Press Release August 16, 2021

Biden Administration Takes Second Look at Reforms to Federal Coal Leasing

The review will address the impacts of coal mining on air, water, climate, and communities

In the News: The New York Times May 28, 2021

Biden’s Fossil Fuel Moves Clash With Pledges on Climate Change

Drew Caputo, VP of Litigation for Lands, Wildlife, Oceans: “I get that they’re being pressured politically. I get that there are thin margins. But the climate crisis doesn’t care about any of that stuff.”

Document May 18, 2021

Opening Brief: Groups Head to Court Against Biden Administration’s Defense of Federal Coal Leasing

Opening brief in defending coal leasing moratorium