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Press Release December 20, 2013

On 5th Anniversary of Coal Ash Spill, TVA Quietly Abandons A Promise

Plans to convert to safer coal ash disposal at all TVA power plants now seemingly in limbo

The TVA Gallatin Fossil Plant. The plant’s polluted wastewaters are dumped into unlined ponds that allow pollution to continue to harm the environment.
(Tennessee Valley Authority Photo)
case April 25, 2013

Protecting Waterways from TVA's Gallatin Coal Plant

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) historically has operated some of the dirtiest coal-fired power plants in the country. After years of litigation, TVA entered into a settlement that requires installation of modern air pollution controls, but the utility has not yet addressed its major water pollution and waste problems. In 2008, its Kingston Fossil Plant…

document July 2, 2012

Gallatin/TVA Appeal Petition

Press Release July 2, 2012

Tennessee Gives Free Pass to Dirty TVA Coal Plant

Environmental groups take legal action to protect clean water