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From Devils Mountain Skagit County, Washington
(wormwould / CC BY-NC 2.0)
Press Release December 13, 2016

Clean Air, Clean Energy and Conservation Groups Move to Defend State’s Ability to Cut Carbon Pollution from Washington’s Biggest Polluters

Groups join lawsuit to preserve means to enact new rules aimed at limiting greenhouse gas emissions

Oil refinery in Anacortes, WA, with Mt. Baker in the background. Refineries are the second largest stationary source of climate change pollutants in the state.
(Photo courtesy of RVWithTito / Flickr)
case July 10, 2013

Cutting Climate Pollution from Washington's Oil Refineries

Earthjustice is representing clean air advocates in a lawsuit to require five oil refineries in Washington State to improve energy efficiency and take other steps to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The clean air advocates are urging state and regional permitting agencies to control greenhouse gas emissions from all five oil refineries in the state,…

Press Release July 10, 2013

Court Hears WA State Appeal on Climate Pollution Ruling

Washington Dept. of Ecology challenges ruling requiring the agency to regulate climate pollution from oil refineries

document December 2, 2011

Washington Refineries Court Ruling

Press Release December 2, 2011

Judge Orders State and Regional Air Agencies to Regulate Climate Change Pollution from Big Oil

Challenge to reduce dangerous greenhouse gas emissions from WA oil refineries advances

document March 10, 2011

WA Oil Refineries Complaint

Press Release March 10, 2011

Lawsuit Asks Washington to Cut Pollution from Oil Refineries

Refineries are some of largest sources of climate pollution in Washington