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document August 10, 2016

Complaint: (BLM) Forest Management Plan

This is an action for declaratory judgment and injunctive relief against the United States Bureau of Land Management (“BLM”) and the United States Department of Interior for their final Records of Decision1 for the Resource Management Plans for Western Oregon, issued on August 5, 2016, revising the previous Resource Management Plans (“RMPs”) of the Western Oregon BLM Districts of Salem, Eugene, Roseburg, Coos Bay, and Medford, and the Klamath Falls Resource Area of the Lakeview District (the “RMP Revisions”), and the associated final Environmental Impact Statement (“FEIS”)

A clearcut section of the Oregon Forest
(George Sexton)
Press Release August 10, 2016

Stakeholder Groups Challenge Oregon Forest Management Plan

New plan sacrifices clean water, fishing economy, carbon storage, recreational opportunities

document March 21, 2012

WOPR Opinion

Press Release: Victory March 21, 2012

Federal Judge Puts Final Nail in Coffin of Bush-era Logging Plan for Oregon

Ruling returns forests to Northwest Forest Plan and protection of water, fish, and wildlife

document September 29, 2011

WOPR SJ Opinion

Press Release: Victory September 29, 2011

Federal Judge Recommends Striking Down Illegal Oregon Logging Plan

Big day for wildlife, salmon, clean water, old-growth forests, and the public

Press Release: Victory July 16, 2009

Obama Administration Cancels Bush-Era Plan to Clearcut Oregon Forests

Salmon, clean water, and old-growth forests big winners

A Bureau of Land Management-maintained forest in Oregon. (Bureau of Land Management)
case: Victory January 26, 2009

Opposing the Western Oregon Plan Revisions

Precipitated by litigation in the 1980s–1990s, the Northwest Forest Plan has governed federal public forests in Washington, Oregon and northern California since its adoption in 1994, but its protections were under attack throughout the Bush administration. The last shoe to drop in the attempt to dismantle the Northwest Forest Plan was its wholesale revision with…

document January 15, 2009

Western Oregon Plan Revisions Complaint (1/14/09)

Complaint for declaratory and injunctive relief for the Western Oregon Plan Revisions, which drastically change the management of BLM public forest land in Oregon.

Press Release January 15, 2009

Conservation and Fisheries Groups Defend Streams and Forests From Bush Administration Attack

Oregon logging plan will harm salmon and old-growth forests

Press Release December 31, 2008

Bush Administration Finalizes Timber Giveaway

Oregon logging planned for salmon watersheds