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In the News: Missoula Current February 22, 2024

Judge hears arguments on Flathead Forest roads, grizzlies

Tim Preso, Managing Attorney, Biodiversity Defense Program: “The science showing that roads continue to displace bears goes all the way back to (1995) and hasn’t changed. The problem is they’ve never applied that science to look at what is the consequence of having all that road network out there in terms of the displacement effect…

A Bureau of Land Management-maintained forest in Oregon. (Bureau of Land Management)
Press Release February 2, 2024

Forest Service Urged to Bolster Protections for Forests in Proposed Policy

Comments call for addressing major gaps on selling old growth and protecting mature forests

Document February 2, 2024

Old-Growth Forest Comments

Comments on Notice of Intent for Land Management Plan Direction for Old-Growth Forest Conditions Across the National Forest System, calling for addressing major gaps on selling old growth and protecting mature forests.

Document January 31, 2024

Opposition Letter: HNRC Mining Regulatory Clarity Act

Conservation, climate, Indigenous and tribal-affiliated organizations call on representatives in Congress to oppose HR. 2925, the so-called “Mining Regulatory Clarity Act.”

Document January 30, 2024

Motion to Intervene to Defend Tongass Roadless Rule

A broad coalition of Alaska Native Tribes, commercial fishers, small tourism businesses, conservation groups, and other forest advocates are seeking to defend the reinstatement of National Roadless Rule protections across the Tongass National Forest in Southeast Alaska by intervening in several legal challenges opposing the rule.

Document January 30, 2024

Map: Sàanyàa Ḵwáan Traditional Territory in Unuk River Watershed (Jòonax̱)

Prepared for Southeast Alaska Indigenous Transboundary Commission (SEITC) as part of a petition submitted to Canadian environmental regulators affirming their historic presence along the Unuk River, which is threatened by rapidly expanding transboundary mining.

From the Experts January 25, 2024

Wyoming Court Decision Helps Provide Access to Over 8 Million Acres of Public Land

Court rules that “corner-crossing” does not constitute trespass.

View of the Tulsequah River, looking east towards the confluence with Taku River.
(Photo courtesy of Chris Miller / Trout Unlimited)
case January 10, 2024

Defending Watersheds in Southeast Alaska and British Columbia from Impacts of Mining

The Taku, Stikine, and Unuk rivers flow across the Canada-United States border, from headwaters in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia through Southeast Alaska to the sea. These watersheds are some of the largest and most productive salmon habitats remaining in the world. Alaska Native and First Nations peoples have harvested salmon and caribou from…

Press Release January 9, 2024

Environmental Organizations Urge More Study and Stronger Regulations on Remining to Protect Communities and the Environment

A new report recommends guardrails before remining can be a safe and sustainable source for clean energy.

(U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)
feature December 20, 2023

2023: Another Big Year Defending the Arctic

With your support, this year, we kept up the fight to preserve Arctic lands and waters that are critical to the survival of wildlife, culturally important to Indigenous peoples, and serve as vital bulwarks against climate change.

A Bureau of Land Management-maintained forest in Oregon. (Bureau of Land Management)
Press Release December 19, 2023

Climate Forests Campaign: Biden Administration Moves to Protect Old-Growth Forests

Environmental groups welcome needed action on old-growth, urge future action on mature forests

An old-growth forest in Oregon. (Photo courtesy of Frances Eatherington)
Press Release December 19, 2023

Biden Administration Announces National Proposal to Protect Old-Growth Forests

Earthjustice applauds proposal that would safeguard old-growth trees from threats like commercial logging; calls on Forest Service also to initiate action to protect mature forests

Illustrations by Emily Schnall
Article December 15, 2023

How Our Fight for 4 Species Helped Save the Sierra Nevada

A decades-long fight for four imperiled species — and an entire landscape — is nearly complete.

Electric vehicles charging in Crosswinds, S.C. (Myrtle Beach, TheDigitel / CC BY 2.0)
Press Release December 12, 2023

Environmental Groups Urge Policymakers to Ensure Responsible Sourcing of EV Minerals and Secure Supply Chains

Letter to U.S. Senate leadership calls for implementation of interagency recommendations, with strong oversight for mining of minerals used in EV batteries

The Kennecott's Bingham Canyon Copper Mine in Herriman, Utah. (Rick Bowmer / AP)
Press Release December 11, 2023

Ahead of Senate Mining Hearing, Groups Urge Senators to Prioritize Mining Reform and Reject Industry Handouts

As the clean energy transition drives mineral demand, the groups wrote that the Clean Energy Minerals Reform Act would update the 1872 Mining Law to address modern challenges.

A dunlin searches for food among short green grasses in the Western Arctic, in the area close to Lake Teshekpuk. (Kiliii Yuyan for Earthjustice)
feature December 11, 2023

2023: A Year in Earthjustice

Together, we achieved extraordinary wins for the earth and its people. Thank you.

Document December 8, 2023

MRCA NGO Letter for Dec Hearing

Letter to U.S. senators from 90 organizations opposing the Mining Regulatory Clarity Act (MRCA).

Document December 8, 2023

CEMRA NGO Letter Dec Hearing

Letter to U.S. Senators from 115 organizations expressing support for Clean Energy Minerals Reform Act (CEMRA).