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Press Release May 16, 2023

Exxon Busca Evadir Responsabilidad Ante Contaminación Ilícita en Texas

Corte de apelación determinará cómo los grupos comunitarios pueden buscar sanciones civiles por emisiones ilícitas

Press Release May 16, 2023

Exxon Attempts to Evade Responsibility for Exposing Texas Community to Harmful Pollution

Fifth Circuit to Determine How Community Groups Can Seek Civil Penalties for Unlawful Emissions

Document May 16, 2023

Amicus Brief – Exxon Civil Suit

Amicus Brief filed in Environment Texas Citizen Lobby v. ExxonMobil Corp.

Press Release March 20, 2023

Texas’ Challenge Halts Biden’s Rule to Protect “Waters of the United States”

Decision blocks common-sense rule in Texas and Idaho that protects nation’s wetlands

Document March 19, 2023

WOTUS injunction decision in Texas/Idaho

WOTUS injunction decision in Texas/Idaho

The sun rises over Matagorda Bay in Texas.
(ImageTek / CC BY 2.0)
Update December 13, 2022

A Fossil Fuel Company Wants to Dig Up a Superfund Site in Texas. What Could Go Wrong?

A community lawsuit drives the Army Corps back to the drawing board on a controversial project.

staff October 12, 2022

Caroline Crow

Caroline Crow is an associate attorney with the Gulf Regional office.

staff October 12, 2022

Rodrigo Cantu

Rodrigo Cantu is a senior attorney with the Gulf Regional office.

In Louisiana's 'Cancer Alley, a cemetery stands in stark contrast to the chemical plants that surround it.
(Photo by Julie Dermansky)
feature September 15, 2022

How Big Oil is Using Toxic Chemicals as a Lifeline – and How We Can Stop It

Petrochemicals are an environmental and public health disaster. What you need to know.

Sharon Lavigne, front, is fighting to keep a petrochemical plant out of her Louisiana community.
(Photo courtesy of Julie Dermansky)
feature September 14, 2022

Cancer Alley Rises Up

An overburdened community unites against Big Oil’s next big play.

Press Release June 28, 2022

Groups Petition EPA to Address Longstanding Environmental Justice Violations in Texas’ Air Permitting Program

Texas has refused to fix problems in its air permitting program that affect environmental justice and public participation

Document June 27, 2022

TCEQ Air Permit Petition

Petition to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to issue a Title VI compliance review and a SIP (State Implementation Plan) Call to address the lack of environmental justice review and unlawful barriers to public participation in the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) air permitting program.

Document June 15, 2022

Meeting the Moment: How President Biden can Align the Federal Fossil Fuel Program to Deliver on Climate and Put People Over Profits

Co-authored by Earthjustice and Evergreen Action, this paper lays out a policy roadmap for how the Biden administration can align its federal fossil fuel development decisions with the President’s climate and environmental justice commitments.

Andre Segura, Earthjustice Vicepresidente de Litigio.
Press Release June 13, 2022

Earthjustice Incorpora Nuevo Vicepresidente de Litigio desde Texas

Andre Segura se une para ayudar a liderar un equipo creciente de casi 200 litigantes

Stacey Geis (left) and Andre Segura join Earthjustice's senior leadership team as litigation vice presidents.
(Left: Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice. Right: Courtesy of ACLU)
Press Release June 13, 2022

Earthjustice Builds Legal Muscle with Two New Litigation Vice Presidents

Stacey Geis and Andre Segura will help lead growing team of almost 200 litigators

Jen Powis, Managing Attorney of the Earthjustice Gulf Regional Office.
(Arturo Olmos for Earthjustice)
Press Release May 31, 2022

Earthjustice Launches Gulf Regional Office Led by Jen Powis, New Managing Attorney

At a critical moment for our planet, Earthjustice’s Houston office will take on pollution in the epicenter of the fossil fuel and petrochemical industries

Jen Powis is the managing attorney of the Gulf Regional Office, based in Houston, Texas.
staff May 30, 2022

Jen Powis

Jen Powis is the managing attorney of the Gulf Regional Office, based in Houston, Texas. She leads Earthjustice’s litigation strategy to accelerate the Gulf’s transition away from fossil fuels and toxic chemicals, expand access to clean energy, and advance environmental justice for communities on the frontlines of pollution.

Jen Powis es la abogada gerente de la Oficina Regional del Golfo, con sede en Houston, Texas.
(Arturo Olmos para Earthjustice)
Press Release May 26, 2022

Earthjustice Inaugura Oficina Regional en Texas

Ubicada en Houston, la nueva oficina de Earthjustice se enfrentará a la contaminación en el epicentro de las industrias petroquímicas y de hidrocarburos