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Press Release October 21, 2008

Groups Go to Court to Force Cleanup of Air Pollution in National Parks

Lawsuit charges illegal delays in cleaning up parks’ haze pollution

Press Release September 12, 2008

Citizens' Groups Fight "Free Pass" for Air Polluters

Air pollution loophole in federal court today

Press Release May 18, 2009

Judge Says Federal Agencies Need To Do More For Salmon Runs

Obama administration given key opportunity to rebuild salmon runs

Press Release June 18, 2009

Groups to Feds: Communities Have Right to Know of Toxic Coal Ash Sites

Ask agencies to disclose 44 ‘high hazard’ sites

Press Release: Victory June 8, 2009

Court: Chevron Refinery Must Redo Environmental Review in Richmond, CA

Community, public health, and climate advocates cheer

Press Release October 14, 2008

Staten Islanders Sue for Toxic Waste Dump Cleanup

Fed up with years of inaction by city and state, residents seek justice

Press Release February 26, 2004

New Reports Expose Hidden Failures of US Anti-Drug Policy in Colombia

Costs mount as congressional goals go unmet