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Press Release June 14, 2006

Fishing and Conservation Groups Challenge Decision on Northern California Creek

Warm effluent would be discharged into Deer Creek, a tributary of Cosumnes River

Press Release October 2, 2012

Conservationists Sue To Protect Public’s Right to Boat and Fish on Fisheating Creek in Florida

Lykes Brothers pressures state to bar public’s right to use river

Press Release July 5, 2013

Citizens Win in Legal Ruling Over Public’s Right to Boat and Fish on Florida's Fisheating Creek

Lykes Brothers Co. pressured state to bar public’s right to use river

page February 11, 2014

Our Team

About Our Team With 200 attorneys in 15 offices across the country, Earthjustice is the nation’s premier nonprofit environmental law organization, working at the federal, state, and local levels. Meet our Board of Trustees and the Earthjustice Council, and see bar admissions for our attorneys. Our team also includes legal and research analysts, policy and…

Grizzly and cubs in Yellowstone National Park.
(National Park Service Photo)
Press Release March 16, 2015

Groups Petition for Endangered Species Review of Rock Creek Mine Threats to Bull Trout, Grizzly Bears

Conservation groups call for Endangered Species Act review for species threatened by mine

Butte Creek, during the Chinook spring-run in 2014.
(Terrence Neal / Earthjustice)
Article August 11, 2014

A Lucky Break for Butte Creek Salmon

This year, Earthjustice and California’s Butte Creek received a major assist from an unexpected source.

From the Experts August 19, 2021

NOAA Just Named 31 Nations That Engage in Illegal or Unregulated Fishing. Here’s Why That’s a Step in the Right Direction.

This new approach will help the agency protect marine biodiversity.

From the Experts June 8, 2021

Why the Ocean Needs the Illegal Fishing and Forced Labor Prevention Act

Sharks are crucial for a healthy ocean, but overfishing is killing them. This bill takes a step in the right direction.

Press Release January 29, 2002

Fish & Wildlife Service Calls "Time Out" on Rock Creek Mine

Seeks delay to lawsuit challenging its evaluation

Press Release May 18, 2010

Federal Regulators and PG&E Put on Notice to Protect Threatened Spring-Run Chinook Salmon

Drastic declines in numbers of returning salmon spur potential lawsuit

feature: Victory July 31, 1997

A Snake in the Kitchen

Monica Reimer, an attorney in the Tallahassee office, writes about the only jury trial in the history of Earthjustice, an ultimately successful attempt to keep in public ownership a south Florida jewel known as Fisheating Creek.

A biologist releases a Chinook salmon in Butte Creek.
(Harry Morse / CA Department of Fish & Game)
case October 6, 2004

Protecting Spawning Salmon in Butte Creek

Pacific Gas & Energy is licensed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to generate electricity using Butte Creek waters. The utility’s water diversions from the creek have greatly reduced the available deep, cold pools of water needed by the protected salmon to hold through the summer until they spawn in the early fall. Low flows…

Press Release February 22, 2001

Maxxam/Pacific Lumber on Notice to Halt Illegal Discharges of Pollution into Northern California Rivers

Citing violations of the Clean Water Act, the Garberville-based Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC) put Maxxam/Pacific Lumber (Maxxam/PL) on formal notice that they will file a federal lawsuit in 60 days if the company continues to illegally discharge pollution into five watersheds.

page January 4, 2010

Request for Legal Assistance

Earthjustice handles legal matters that involve environmental laws or environmental issues and that have the potential to generate results that align with our mission.

Press Release June 14, 1997

Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund Changes Name to Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund

The Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund announced that it is changing its name to Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund.

Press Release April 2, 2003

Plum Creek Slapped by Judge Over Logging Lawsuit

Judge refuses to insulate logging plan from legal challenges

Press Release February 14, 2012

Florida Conservationists File Sunshine Lawsuit over Fisheating Creek Plan

In closed-door meetings, state bows to Lykes Brothers pressure to block public’s access to river

Youth petitioners display their signs before marching in the Sept. 20 Global Climate Strike in New York City.
(Michael Rubenstein for Earthjustice)
Press Release September 23, 2019

16 Young People File UN Human Rights Complaint on Climate Change

Youth petitioners take fight for global climate change action to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child