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Press Release April 18, 2022

San Pedro River Named Among America’s Most Endangered Rivers of 2022

Groundwater pumping, harmful development threaten endangered fish and wildlife 

A conversation about cleaning up coal ash contaminating groundwater across America.
feature June 6, 2019

Insider Briefing: Coal’s Poisonous Legacy

Earthjustice attorneys and our client and partner in litigation, Prairie River Network discuss cleaning up coal ash contaminating groundwater in Illinois and across America.

Lower Granite Dam, one of the four massive dams on the Lower Snake River, that is driving wild salmon to extinction. The other three are Ice Harbor, Little Goose, and Lower Monumental.
(Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice)
feature January 8, 2023

Why Restoration of the Lower Snake River is Necessary to Save Wild Salmon

It’s time for the four dams on the Lower Snake River to go and for our salmon to come home — to a free-flowing and healthy Snake River.

To reach spawning grounds upstream, salmon have to make it past the dams.
(Bill Perry / Getty Images)
Press Release July 16, 2021

With Snake River Salmon Facing Deadly Heatwave, Conservation & Fishing Groups Seek More Spill from Dams to Aid Fish

Groups file injunction request for stop-gap measure to aid struggling salmon, steelhead

The now-dry Colorado River delta branches into the Baja / Sonoran Desert, only 5 miles north of the Sea of Cortez, Mexico.
(Photo courtesy of Pete McBride / USGS)
Article January 24, 2014

A Year of Threats Looms for Western Rivers

Drought, diversions threaten Colorado, San Pedro and other rivers

feature July 31, 2020

What You Need To Know About Endangered Salmon

And the once-in-a-generation opportunity to restore the lower Snake River, one of the greatest salmon rivers in the world.

Press Release January 6, 2011

Damaging Russian River Gravel Mining Plan Challenged

Environmental, fish conservation groups warn massive gravel removal will harm wildlife and property owners

A sockeye salmon (<i>Oncorhynchus nerka</i>) in Little Redfish Lake Creek, Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Idaho. (Neil Ever Osborne / Save Our Wild Salmon / iLCP)
Press Release April 24, 2023

Washington State Legislature Takes Important Next Steps Towards Honoring Treaty Responsibilities to Tribal Nations and Restoring Endangered Salmon in the Lower Snake River

The Northwest Salmon Restoration Campaign celebrates progress on the largest river restoration in history

Press Release: Victory May 23, 2006

Salmon Advocates Win Major Victory in Federal Court Over Snake River Water Operations

A federal judge has ruled that water management in the Upper Snake River basin illegally harms salmon.

Press Release July 18, 2008

Judge Rules Water Projects Imperil Central Valley Salmon and Steelhead

Fishermen, tribes, and conservationists pleased that court recognizes need for changes to state and federal water project operations to better protect fish, jobs, and local communities

Ta-tes Boulby, a member of the Yurok Tribe, fishes at the mouth of the Klamath River in Northern California. July 7, 2018.
(Martin do Nascimento / Earthjustice)
feature November 23, 2020

Reclaiming the Klamath

For the Yurok, the fight to protect the Klamath River and the Tribe’s way of life goes back centuries.

Article May 21, 2012

A Victory—and Challenges Ahead—for the Green River

It’s been a tough spring for rivers in the Rocky Mountain West. After a winter that never really got started, the snow pack—our primary source for water in our rivers—is historically low in Colorado and throughout the region. Runoff from snow melt is sparse and came early, leaving behind disappointing river peak flows. The last…

The Lower Granite Dam is one of the four Lower Snake River dams Earthjustice is fighting to remove.
(Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice)
From the Experts January 3, 2022

Breakthrough in 20+ Year Legal Battle Over Fate of Snake River Salmon

Federal agencies in the Biden administration have finally agreed to seek a long-term comprehensive solution that restores Snake River salmon.

Press Release May 18, 2007

Conservation Groups Take Action to Protect Southern Sierra Forests and Wildlife

Claim against Forest Service says Kings River Experiment ignores science

Press Release October 21, 2021

Snake River: Conservation & Fishing Groups Agree to Pause Litigation, Discuss Long-Term, Comprehensive Solution to Aid Struggling Salmon

Federal agencies agree to stop-gap measures for dam operations in 2022

The Smith River in Montana is the only river that requires permits to float. It is beloved for trout fishing and rafting. A multinational corporation plans to build a copper mine in the watershed threatening the health of the river.
(Brian Grossenbacher)
Press Release June 4, 2020

Groups Challenge Copper Mine Proposal that Threatens the Smith River

Challenge aims to protect water quality, important trout habitat within the watershed

Press Release May 24, 2004

North Umpqua Hydropower License Illegal

Forest Service ignored its own scientists

Sockeye salmon make their way back up a river in the Pacific Northwest to spawn.(Shutterstock)
Press Release: Victory May 4, 2016

U.S. District Court Sides With Wild Salmon and Communities; Feds’ Columbia/Snake River Salmon Plan Again Found Illegal

After last summer’s catastrophic fish kill caused by warming rivers, ruling highlights need for dramatic changes in federal dam management