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Press Release July 15, 2013

Farmworkers Come to Capitol Hill Seeking Safeguards

Farmworkers from across the nation to meet with Congress to demand basic protections from exposure to hazardous pesticides

feature August 4, 2021

Organophosphate Pesticides in the United States

Find out what foods have high residues of these pesticide, where they are used, and how we are exposed.

Article July 15, 2013

Pesticides Taking Toll on Farmworkers

Farmworkers from across the nation come to D.C. to secure safeguards from toxic pesticides

Taking on toxics.
feature May 10, 2018

Insider Briefing: Taking on Toxics

Earthjustice attorneys and policy staff discuss recent victories and the fights ahead to keep dangerous chemicals out of our homes and environment.

feature February 28, 2018

The Federal Safety Standards That Protect Farmworkers and Their Families From The Dangers Of Pesticides

And how each of us could be affected if the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency guts these safeguards.

Press Release December 21, 2020

Groups Challenge EPA’s move to gut pesticide spraying safeguards

Two million farmworkers are now more vulnerable to pesticide poisoning

Press Release April 7, 2008

Lawsuit Challenges EPA on Four Deadly Pesticides

The pesticides poison farmworkers and drift onto rural schoolyards and homes

The EPA should ban neurotoxic pesticides now under review and protect against them in the meantime with buffer zones.
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Article June 21, 2016

How Many Poisonings Before the EPA Bans Neurotoxic Pesticides?

The EPA should ban the pesticides now under review and protect against them in the meantime with buffer zones.

Press Release November 17, 2021

Groups Urge EPA to Ban Nerve Agent Pesticides

Report shows exposure to organophosphates linked to intellectual disabilities and cancer

page February 11, 2014

Our Team

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Mario Vargas, a farmworker organizer from Ohio, his daughter Myra Vargas (middle), and Alexis Guild of Farmworker Justice walk past the U.S. Capitol in July of 2013, as they head to a meeting in the Hart Senate Office Building.
(Matt Roth / Earthjustice)
Article February 20, 2014

Farmworker Advocates Seek Stronger Pesticides Safeguard

When Mario Vargas showed up at the Washington, D.C., offices of representatives from his home state of Ohio in July of 2013, he shared stories from farmworkers who are getting sick from pesticides. Joined by his family and other farmworkers, he spoke about how it feels to inhale pesticides while pregnant, how farmworkers don’t know what their basic rights are, and how many workers are afraid to tell the truth about what is really going on in the fields.

Press Release February 5, 2007

Suit Filed to Speed Phase-out of Three Deadly Pesticides

Current six year phase-out for worst is likely to poison farmworkers

Press Release May 7, 2001

Groups Uncover Government Documents Showing Pesticides Can Harm Salmon

Documents show the EPA has determined that pesticides harm fish but has failed to take required action.

feature January 17, 2019

Special Report: Two Years of Overruling the Trump Administration

The record shows that the Trump’s efforts to weaken environmental regulations are no match for the law.

Document February 5, 2007

Pesticides & Farmworkers: Third Amended Complaint

Third amended complaint in case aimed at speeding up the removal of three deadly pesticides.

Maria Aguilera, a farmworker for 24 years, has learned to protect herself from toxic chemicals applied to the fields.
(Dave Getzschman for Earthjustice)
feature October 9, 2014

The Toxic Secret of California’s Salad Bowl

The farmworkers who help bring fresh fruit and produce to your table aren’t protected by the safety standards most workers in the U.S. enjoy. The farmworkers’ reality is often a nightmare of back-breaking work and repeated exposure to toxic chemicals.

Press Release January 13, 2004

Farmworkers file suit to protect workers from being poisoned by two harmful pesticides

EPA allows continued use despite unacceptable risks to workers

Article December 9, 2009

EPA Moves To Protect Farmworkers From Pesticides

New policy aims to correct decades of wrongdoings