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Press Release March 1, 2007

Global Warming & Human Rights Gets Hearing on the World Stage

Earthjustice Managing Attorney Martin Wagner gives testimony before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

Press Release October 11, 2021

International Coalition Petitions Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to Investigate Factory-Farm Abuses

The coalition includes advocates in Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, United States, and the request is supported by 127 organizations and 151 academics, experts, and individuals.

Hundreds of thousands of Australians joined the global climate strike in September 2019, calling for urgent climate action from one of the world's top exporters of fossil fuels.
(John Englart / Flickr)
From the Experts January 21, 2021

Rising Temperatures in the Land Down Under are a Human Rights Issue

A coalition of international and Australian environmental and human rights lawyers are calling for the United Nations Human Rights Council to review Australia’s human rights record in light of the government's inaction on climate change.

Press Release December 13, 2022

International Coalition Urges Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to Investigate Abuses from Industrial Meat, Egg, Dairy Facilities

The thematic hearing request is supported by 243 organizations, including petitioning groups from Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, and the United States. The request urges the commission, which monitors human rights within the Organization of American States, to investigate human rights abuses resulting from the unchecked expansion of concentrated animal feeding operations, or CAFOs, across the Americas.

Press Release May 1, 2013

United Nations Working Group Concludes U.S. Visit Exploring Human Rights Cost of Mountaintop Removal Mining

The United Nations Working Group on Business and Human Rights has concluded a visit to communities in West Virginia to explore the human rights cost of mountaintop removal mining. In West Virginia on Thursday of last week (April 25), the UN Working Group conducted morning meetings with officials at the West Virginia Department of Environmental…

Press Release April 10, 2003

2003 Human Rights and the Environment Report Presented to UN

Human rights-based approach to environmental protection becoming international legal norm

Youth petitioners display their signs before marching in the Sept. 20 Global Climate Strike in New York City.
(Michael Rubenstein for Earthjustice)
Press Release September 23, 2019

16 Young People File UN Human Rights Complaint on Climate Change

Youth petitioners take fight for global climate change action to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child

Press Release June 21, 2007

Earthjustice Presents 2007 'Environmental Rights Report' to UN

Environmental problems now seen as a human rights issue

Press Release January 20, 2021

UN Human Rights Council Members Urge Australia to Adopt Stronger Climate Measures Now to Protect Human Rights

More than 120 countries made recommendations to Australia to strengthen its protection of human rights

Press Release January 15, 2002

Aerial Herbicide Spraying Violates Human Rights of Peasants and Indigenous Communities in Colombia and Ecuador

UN Commission on Human Rights Urged to Act

Article October 25, 2013

Costa Rica Acts on Human Rights Link to Climate Change

Country is striving to become carbon neutral as sea levels rise.

Activists paint the message “Reef in Danger” on the side of a coal ship in Gladstone, Australia, in 2012.
(Image Courtesy of Greenpeace)
Press Release July 9, 2020

Australia’s Climate Inaction is a Human Rights Violation

During the UN periodic review of Australia’s human rights record, a coalition of Australian and international lawyers is asking the United Nations to address Australia’s contributions to human rights violations through its actions that fuel the release of greenhouse gas emissions

An industrial hog facility in North Carolina. Hog feces and urine are flushed into open, unlined pits and then sprayed onto nearby fields. The practice leads to waste contaminating nearby waters, and drifting as "mist" onto neighboring properties.
(Photo courtesy of Friends of Family Farmers)
Press Release March 9, 2023

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to Hear Testimony Friday on Abuses at U.S. Factory Farms

The expansion of CAFOs, commonly known as factory farms, has caused a range of human rights abuses in the United States and across the American continents

Press Release April 6, 2004

Earthjustice Presents 2004 'Human Rights and the Environment' Report to UN

Right to environmental health becoming international standard

Press Release: Victory December 7, 2005

Inuit Human Rights Petition Filed over Climate Change

Global warming radically affects Arctic peoples’ lives, cultures

Article December 9, 2008

Human Rights, or Human Wrongs?

The world is now meeting in Poland to tackle global warming

Article December 10, 2009

Is There a Human Right to a Stable Climate?

Nations must put human rights on their agenda at Copenhagen

Press Release April 8, 2005

Earthjustice Presents 2005 'Environmental Rights Report' to UN

Human right to a healthy environment becoming international standard