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Caribou in the western Arctic. (Kiliii Yüyan for Earthjustice)
Press Release November 9, 2023

Alaska District Court Rules Willow Oil Project Can Proceed; Conservation Groups Plan To File Appeal

Groups vow to keep up the fight against ConocoPhillips fossil fuel project in Arctic

Protestors paddle next to the Mackinac Bridge at the Pipe Out Paddle Up Flotilla Against the Line 5 pipeline in Mackinaw City, Michigan. (Sarah Rice for Earthjustice)
Article December 1, 2023

The Great Lakes Under Threat

The Line 5 pipeline has leaked over 1 million gallons of oil to date and threatens the Great Lakes.

Document October 30, 2023

Letter From States in Support of 6PPD Petition

The States of Washington, Oregon, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Connecticut sent a letter to the EPA voicing strong support for a recent petition from Tribes to the EPA on 6PPD, noting that “6PPD, along with its highly toxic product 6PPD-q, poses an unreasonable threat to the States’ waters and fish resources, and to the continued existence of Northwest salmon and steelhead runs.”

Document October 27, 2023

Letter to Gov. Hochul on A.6414/S.6089

The Green Transit, Green Jobs bill (A.6414/S.6089) would require transit agencies to phase in zero emissions buses beginning in 2029 as their buses age out, and fully electric by 2035, while creating community sustaining jobs through the contracting process. Transit buses are among the vehicle classes most primed for electrification now and have a proven track record in a variety of climates and terrains with the potential for good job creation.

Document November 1, 2023

Joint Letter: ConEd’s AGA Membership

As organizations working toward a clean energy future in New York, often in partnership with Con Edison, we are writing to urge you to reconsider your membership with the American Gas Association (AGA), a trade association that has become a significant barrier to climate action, especially as it relates to cutting emissions from the building sector.

Document October 25, 2023

Rep. Lee: Army Corps, Letter of Concern, Port of Oakland

Letter to Army Corps from Congresswoman Lee: Inquiries on Oakland Harbor Turning Basins Widening Navigation Study; Revised Draft Integrated Feasibility Report and Environmental Assessment

Document October 30, 2023

Joint Letter to NY Gov. Hochul: Green Transit Green Jobs

After a summer of alarming climate-fueled disasters, which have impacted every New Yorker and have devastated many, the 50+ undersigned organizations write to urge New York Governor Hochul for the inclusion of the provisions of the Green Transit, Green Jobs bill (A.6414/S.6089) in the forthcoming SFY2024-25 Executive Budget.

Document October 25, 2023

Rep. Lee: Director Wan, Letter of Concern, Port of Oakland

RE: Inquiries on Oakland Harbor Turning Basins Widening Project from Congresswoman Barbara Lee

A sign protesting the asphalt plant is seen outside of St. Francis Prayer Center on May 10, 2022 in Flint, Michigan. (Sylvia Jarrus for Earthjustice)
Press Release August 10, 2023

EGLE, EPA Retreat from Civil Rights Agreement with Flint Groups

Advocates call on Michigan to overhaul its discriminatory air permitting program

Document October 24, 2023

Joint Letter: NYC DOB re: LL97

New York City’s Local Law 97, enacted in 2019 as part of the Climate Mobilization Act, is groundbreaking local legislation that requires large buildings across the city to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions starting in 2024. DOB must revise the Proposed Article 320 Rules to hold building owners accountable for complying with Local Law 97 emissions limits.

A New York City MTA electric bus at a charging station on the West Side Highway at 42 Street. (Marc A. Hermann / MTA)
Press Release October 31, 2023

50+ Organizations Urge Governor Kathy Hochul to Include Green Transit, Green Jobs in Her Forthcoming Executive Budget

50+ climate and public health organizations signed a letter to the Governor in support of a bill that would slash harmful greenhouse gas emissions and create family-sustaining jobs in the manufacturing sector

What open-pit gold mining looks like: Barrick Goldstrike Mines' Betze-Post Pit near Carlin, Nev., is one of the largest gold mines in the world. The open pit is so large that it is visible from space. (Adella Harding / Elko Daily Free Press via AP)
Press Release September 12, 2023

Biden Administration Working Group Recommendations Offer First Step to Protect Communities, Environment from Destructive Mining

Administration, Congress should strengthen regulations, reform outdated mining laws

Document October 16, 2023

Title VI Letter to DOJ and EPA (Oct 2023)

Earthjustice, along with a diverse coalition of community and advocacy groups, write to express deep dismay over the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) abrupt termination of three complaints filed under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VI) by Louisiana residents, as well as EPA’s subsequent wholly inadequate settlement of a Title VI complaint filed by residents of Flint, Michigan.

Document September 29, 2023

Letter to Colorado DOT on Proposed I-270 Project

Letter to the Colorado Department of Transportation requesting new public engagement process for proposed I-270 project

Document September 29, 2023

Joint Supporter Letter to NY Gov. Hochul: Preserve Community Gardens (S.629-A/A.4139-A)

Organizations from across New York State urge Governor Kathy Hochul to sign S.629-A/A.4139-A into law which would support community gardens by requiring the New York State Community Gardens Task Force to assess whether community gardens on publicly owned land are eligible for designation as Critical Environmental Areas (CEAs) and to recommend CEA designation for eligible gardens.

Document September 29, 2023

Gardeners Letter to NY Gov. Hochul: Preserve Community Gardens (S.629-A/A.4139-A)

Community gardeners from across New York State urge Governor Kathy Hochul to sign S.629-A/A.4139-A into law, which would help to ensure that community gardens continue to promote sustainability, advance equity, and strengthen New York communities for generations to come, and make clear to New Yorkers that they can and should increase the resilience and vitality of their neighborhoods by investing in community gardens.

Document September 14, 2023

LSRD Coalition Letter Sept 2024

Lower Snake River Dam Coalition letter urging Congress and the Administration work with Tribal Nations, stakeholders, and the Northwest to implement a comprehensive solution to restore salmon in the Columbia and Snake Rivers, provide justice for Tribes, and ensure a successful transition to a strong and robust future.

Document August 24, 2023

Letter from California Health and Environmental Groups to PG&E

20 California organizations sent a letter to CEO Patricia Poppe calling on PG&E to follow the lead of Eversource Energy and end its membership in the American Gas Association over the trade group’s climate obstruction.