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In the News: AP News March 23, 2023

Army Corps further delays decision on Great Lakes oil tunnel

Debbie Chizewer, Managing Attorney, Midwest Office, Earthjustice: “It needs to be redone or completely thrown away.”

A Conoco-Phillips drill site in the Western Arctic.
(ConocoPhillips Company)
Article March 16, 2023

The Willow Project Has Been Approved. Now What?

The system that greenlights oil-drilling on public lands is broken. Here’s how to fix it and avoid more carbon bombs.

Black plume rises over East Palestine, Ohio, as a result of a controlled detonation of a portion of the derailed Norfolk Southern train, Feb. 6, 2023. If the fossil fuel industry gets its way, many more trains will pass through the region soon, adding to a slew of environmental threats posed by the industry’s plans for the Ohio River Valley.  (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar, File)
Article March 16, 2023

If the Oil Industry Gets Its Wish, the Ohio River Valley Could See More Toxic Trains

A plan to build more petrochemical plants has already begun, but locals are fighting back.

Caribou graze near fossil fuel pipelines in Alaska’s Western Arctic in the Lake Teshekpuk area. (Kiliii Yuyan for Earthjustice)
Article March 16, 2023

There’s a Biodiversity Crisis, and Oil and Gas Are Making It Worse

The web of life is in danger of collapsing, due in large part to climate change, pollution, and habitat destruction caused by the fossil fuel industry. We’re working to protect species from these threats.

Press Release March 15, 2023

Grupos Presentan Demanda Para Detener El Proyecto Willow Oil En El Ártico Occidental De Alaska

La revisión ambiental de la administración no tuvo en cuenta el impacto climático total del proyecto

Press Release March 15, 2023

Conservation groups sue to stop the Willow Oil Project in Alaska’s Western Arctic

Administration’s environmental review failed to account for project’s full climate impact

In the News: Associated Press March 14, 2023

Alaska oil project approval adds yet another climate concern

George Torgun, Attorney, Oceans Program, Earthjustice: “This administration has pledged to oversee a historic transition to clean energy, but actions speak louder than words.”

Fossil fuel pipelines crossing the Western Arctic in Alaska. (Kiliii Yuyan for Earthjustice)
Update March 13, 2023

Biden Administration Says Yes to the Willow Project. We’ll See Them in Court.

The administration has approved the massive Willow Arctic oil drilling project, which would threaten the climate and the Western Arctic.

Press Release March 13, 2023

Earthjustice Reacts to Biden Administration’s Approval of Willow Project in Alaska

Decision greenlights a carbon bomb and opens decades of oil drilling in Western Arctic

In the News: LAist March 6, 2023

In a Largely Black and Latino Community, Neighbors Worry About The Oil Wells In Their Midst

Angela Johnson Meszaros, Managing Attorney, Community Partnerships Program, Earthjustice: “If they can’t comply with the requirements, the city can petition the court to declare them a nuisance. Nuisance operations have to be corrected or shut down.”

An ultra-deepwater drillship anchored in the Gulf of Mexico, off the Louisiana coast. (Brad Zweerink / Earthjustice)
Update March 6, 2023

We’re Fighting a Massive Offshore Drilling Project in the Gulf of Mexico

Lease Sale 259 is one of the largest lease sales in history. As promised, we’re using our legal tools to fight it.

Press Release March 6, 2023

Lawsuit Challenges Biden Decision to Open 73.3 Million Acres of Gulf of Mexico for Oil Leasing

Legal challenge takes on one of the largest lease sales in U.S. history, which raises serious threats to climate, Gulf communities, and endangered species

Document March 6, 2023

Lease Sale 259 Lawsuit

Lawsuit Challenges Biden Decision to Open 73.3 Million Acres of Gulf of Mexico for Oil Leasing

Press Release March 2, 2023

Fossil Fuel Industry Polling Finds Majority of NY Supports for Ending Gas in New Construction

Poll finds 57% of New Yorkers support banning fossil fuel heating equipment and appliances in new construction

Press Release March 1, 2023

Opponents attempt to delay state progress in cutting pollution from building sector

Climate advocates and health experts plan to intervene to uphold Washington’s critical statewide building energy codes

Press Release February 24, 2023

Earthjustice Reacts to Biden Administration’s Plans for Massive Offshore Lease Sale in Gulf of Mexico

Lease Sale 259 will bring unnecessary harm to environmental justice communities, climate, and at-risk species

Rice's whale, photographed in the Gulf of Mexico. Rice's whales are members of the baleen whale family Balaenopteridae. With likely fewer than 100 individuals remaining, Rice's whales are one of the most endangered whales in the world. (NOAA)
Update February 22, 2023

Oil Companies are Blasting Seismic Air Guns in an Endangered Whale’s Habitat

With only about 50 Gulf of Mexico whales remaining, they are at critical risk if oil companies ramp up seismic oil exploration.

Press Release February 17, 2023

Advocates Renew Call to Modernize Federal Rail Brake Systems Following Ohio Train Derailment

Environmental groups urge federal agencies to reinstate modern train safety requirements in the wake of recent disaster