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Press Release May 16, 2023

Exxon Busca Evadir Responsabilidad Ante Contaminación Ilícita en Texas

Corte de apelación determinará cómo los grupos comunitarios pueden buscar sanciones civiles por emisiones ilícitas

Press Release May 16, 2023

Exxon Attempts to Evade Responsibility for Exposing Texas Community to Harmful Pollution

Fifth Circuit to Determine How Community Groups Can Seek Civil Penalties for Unlawful Emissions

In the News: The Colorado Sun April 27, 2023

Suncor “forever chemicals” in metro Denver creek appear to spike

Caitlin Miller, Attorney, Rocky Mountain Regional Office: “Suncor is still unable to reliably control its discharges. Science has come a long way on PFAS just in a short amount of time. And we know that PFAS are toxic at significantly lower levels.”

The Suncor refinery in North Denver.
(Martin do Nascimento / Earthjustice)
From the Experts November 7, 2022

Colorado's Suncor Refinery is Fighting a Plan to Monitor its Toxic Pollution

Suncor filed a suit against the state to block fenceline monitoring requirements for its refinery, but community and environmental groups quickly moved to intervene and ensure they remain in place

Press Release November 1, 2022

Groups Intervene To Maintain Fenceline Monitoring Requirements for Suncor Refinery

Intervention seeks to protect Suncor's strengthened monitoring plan and Fenceline Monitoring Law itself

Press Release November 1, 2022

Grupos Intervienen Para Mantener Los Requisitos De Monitoreo De Alambrado Para La Refinería De Suncor

La intervención busca proteger tanto el plan de monitoreo reforzado para Suncor, como la propia Ley de Monitoreo de Alambrado

Document November 1, 2022

Suncor Fenceline Monitoring – Motion to Intervene

Community and environmental groups filed a motion to intervene in a suit brought by Suncor Energy against the state of Colorado regarding fenceline monitoring for its Commerce City refinery.

feature October 12, 2022

Critical Reforms to California’s Petroleum Refinery Emissions Monitoring Law

Petroleum refineries are inherently dangerous operations and significant sources of pollution that put nearby community members at risk.

feature October 12, 2022

Reformas Críticas a la Ley de California de Monitoreo de Emisiones de Refinerías de Petróleo

Las operaciones de refinerías de petróleo son inherentemente peligrosas y fuentes de contaminación significativas que ponen en riesgo a miembros de la comunidad.

Document October 12, 2022

Crossing the Fenceline: Critical Reforms to California’s Petroleum Refinery Emissions Monitoring Law

This report, by Earthjustice’s Community Partnerships Program, discusses flaws in implementation of California’s fenceline monitoring program and provides recommendations to fix these problems and strengthen the fenceline monitoring program so that it better serves community members.

Document October 12, 2022

Cruzando el Cerco: Reformas Críticas a la Ley de California de Monitoreo de Emisiones de Refinerías de Petróleo

California debe asegurar que los distritos de aire logren sus metas de la legislación – informar a miembros de la comunidad de emisiones dañinas, para identificar fuentes de contaminación en refinerías y para informar medidas para reducir emisiones.

Press Release October 11, 2022

Grupos y Miembros en Denver Solicitan A Que La EPA Se Oponga Al Permiso De Polución Del Aire De La Planta Este de Suncor

La petición argumenta que Suncor ha demostrado que es incapaz de cumplir consistentemente con los límites de emisión

Press Release October 11, 2022

Groups, Community Members Petition for EPA Objection to Suncor East Plant Air Permit

Petition argues that Suncor has shown it is incapable of consistently complying with emission limits

Document October 11, 2022

Suncor East Plant Petition to EPA

Community and environmental groups have filed a petition asking the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to object to the Title V air permit for Suncor’s East Plant in Commerce City.

Kids play soccer near the Phillips 66 refinery in Wilmington, Calif.
(Hannah Benet for Earthjustice)
From the Experts September 8, 2022

How Environmental Justice Advocates Dismantled the Oil Industry’s Prized Pollution “Reduction” Program In Los Angeles

A disaster of an experiment with pollution trading is coming to an end.

In the News: Colorado Times Recorder July 29, 2022

Enviro Groups Ask Colorado to Deny Proposed Suncor Air Quality Permit

Ian Coghill, Attorney, Rocky Mountain Office, Earthjustice: “In our comments, we ask the Division, first and foremost, to deny the permit because Suncor has shown that it cannot comply with its emissions limits and modeling shows that Suncor is violating National Ambient Air Quality Standards for both nitrous oxides and sulfur dioxide.”

In the News: Westword July 15, 2022

Colorado Air Pollution Control Division on Tight Timeline as Public Urges Tougher Suncor Permit

Ian Coghill, Attorney, Rocky Mountain Office, Earthjustice: “Instead of these assumptions about what might be coming out of the stacks, everybody knows what’s coming out of the stacks.”

Press Release: Victory May 11, 2022

Colorado’s Public Protections From Toxic Air Contaminants Act on Its Way to Governor’s Desk

Community and elected officials celebrate the passage of HB22-1244