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A New York City MTA electric bus at a charging station on the West Side Highway at 42 Street. (Marc A. Hermann / MTA)
Press Release September 11, 2023

Earthjustice Statement: New Report Dubs Six New York Cities as “Asthma Capitals;” Solution for NY Governor Hochul lies in “Green Transit, Green Jobs” Legislation

Advocates and unions urge Governor Hochul to include the Green Transit, Green Jobs bill in State Budget; Legislation requires all state transit authorities to purchase only zero-emission buses starting in 2029 and would establish protections for existing workers during transition

California Gov. Gavin Newsom speaks to the media after he toured the North Complex Fire zone in Butte County on Friday, Sept. 11, 2020, outside of Oroville, Calif. (Paul Kitagaki Jr. / The Sacramento Bee via AP)
From the Experts September 6, 2023

When Will Governor Newsom Fix Schwarzenegger’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard?

California is sinking the vast majority of its $4 billion clean transportation program into combustion fuels every year. Make it make sense.

A Circle Line ferry sails past the Williamsburg Bridge as the Manhattan skyline is shrouded in smoke from Canada wildfires on June 6, 2023 in New York City. New York City is bathed in a blanket of unhealthy air as smoke from Canadian wildfires seeps across much of the eastern U.S. and Great Lakes areas. (NDZ/STAR MAX/IPx via AP)
Press Release September 6, 2023

As Heat Rises and Electric Bills Soar, Gov. Hochul Must Protect NYers By Passing NY HEAT Act

NY Governor Hochul must pass the NY HEAT Act in this year’s budget to fight climate change and protect New York families

A New York City MTA electric bus at a charging station on the West Side Highway at 42 Street. (Marc A. Hermann / MTA)
Press Release August 31, 2023

Advocates, Unions, and Electeds Call on Governor Hochul to Include Green Transit and Green Jobs In Upcoming Budget

Statewide Coalition, Labor Unions, and Elected Officials Advocate for Bill that would Lower Emissions and Raise Worker Protections

A container ship docked at the Port of Oakland in California. (Cavan Images / Getty Images)
From the Experts August 29, 2023

EPA Can Grant Relief to Californians Living in the Shadow of Massive Ports. What’s the Hold Up?

With one decision, EPA Administrator Regan can unravel a backdoor deal that leaves millions of Californians choking on air pollution

Methane pollution. (Leonid Ikan / Shutterstock)
Press Release August 24, 2023

Climate and Health Organizations Call on PG&E to Leave American Gas Association over its Climate Obstruction

20 groups sent a letter to CEO Patricia Poppe this week calling on PG&E to follow the lead of Eversource Energy, which ended its membership with the trade organization over actions to stall decarbonization

Document August 24, 2023

Letter from California Health and Environmental Groups to PG&E

20 California organizations sent a letter to CEO Patricia Poppe calling on PG&E to follow the lead of Eversource Energy and end its membership in the American Gas Association over the trade group’s climate obstruction.

A welder works on a steel pipe in Southern California. (Kevin Burke / Getty Images)
From the Experts August 16, 2023

California Rolls Up Its Sleeves on Industrial Pollution

How do we know if a sector is difficult to decarbonize if we haven’t tried?

From the Experts August 16, 2023

The School Bus is About to Become More Magical in Maryland

Maryland looks to an electric ride for its youngest residents.

In this aerial view, turbines stand in a row along the top of Backbone Mountain on August 22, 2022 in Oakland, Maryland. The 70-megawatt wind farm runs along eight miles of the mountain ridge and consists of 28 Clipper 2.5 MW Liberty Turbines, each one 415-feet tall. (Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images)
Article August 16, 2023

The Biggest Climate Spending Bill Ever Just Turned One. Here’s What It Has Achieved.

We’re celebrating a booming clean economy, lower energy costs, a path forward to reducing harmful pollution, and more than 170,600 new clean energy jobs so far.

In the News: Canary Media August 8, 2023

New California rule will cut carbon from baking Cheetos, chips and more

Adrian Martinez, Attorney, California Office, Earthjustice: “This is the start of what’s going to be an effort to get the entire food and beverage manufacturing industry to zero emissions.”

A shopper browses the bread aisle at a grocery store in Los Angeles, California. (David McNew / Getty Images)
From the Experts: Victory July 31, 2023

I’ll Take the Muffin, But Hold the Methane

Southern California’s air regulator adopts first in the nation rule to electrify the way companies cook, bake and brew our food and beverages.

From the Experts July 18, 2023

It’s Electrifying! Helping Ports Bring Us Goods, Not Smog

A firehose of funding from California regulators will help the Port of Long Beach step into an electric future.

This Dec. 22, 2018, photo shows a pump jack over an oil well along Interstate 25 near Dacono, Colo.
(David Zalubowski / AP)
Article July 7, 2023

For Big Oil and Gas, Greenwashing is the New Climate Denial

Instead of outright climate denial, the new fossil fuel industry strategy is delaying action on climate change through confusing greenwashing tactics.

(Hannah Rothstein for Earthjustice)
Press Release June 29, 2023

Environmental Justice Groups Join Legal Fight to Defend EPA Waivers for California’s New Zero Emissions Truck Standards

Environmental justice groups in California are going to court to fend off lawsuits from trucking and oil industry groups attacking life-saving standards

Document June 29, 2023

Motion of Environmental Justice Organizations to Intervene in Support of EPA and Regan

East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice and People’s Collective for Environmental Justice move to intervene in support of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Michel S. Regan re: EPA’s final actions published as Waiver of Preemption; Decision: California State Motor Vehicle and Engine Pollution Control Standards; Heavy-Duty Vehicle and Engine Emission Warranty and Maintenance Provisions; Advanced Clean Trucks; Zero Emission Airport Shuttle; Zero-Emission Power Train Certification

Power lines near Pittsburgh, Penn. (Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice)
Article June 27, 2023

What’s Holding Us Back from a Clean Energy Transition? We Don’t Have Enough Power Lines.

100% clean energy requires more electricity transmission lines. Here’s how we can remove hurdles to building them.

Document June 21, 2023

Letter to Governor Newsom on California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program

A letter from environmental, health, and environmental justice groups in California urging Governor Gavin Newsom to make systemic, just,
and commonsense changes to California’s dated Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program. It’s time for Governor Newsom to step in and steer California on the right course towards a zero emissions future by shaping a Low Carbon Fuel Standard that will work for California in the 2020s and beyond.