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Press Release June 21, 2024

Community Fights For Clean Air, Challenges Bloomington Warehouse In Court

Predominantly working class Latino community targeted with a disproportionate number of industrial projects

Aerial view of the smelting complex in the city of La Oroya, Peru in 2022. La Oroya is one of the most polluted localities on the planet. (Ernesto Benavides / AFP via Getty Images)
From the Experts: Victory June 20, 2024

La Oroya vs. Per煤: Precedente Hist贸rico Sobre Derechos Humanos y el Medio Ambiente

La Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos estableci贸 un precedente importante para la fiscalizaci贸n de la contaminaci贸n industrial por parte de los Estados.

Aerial view of the smelting complex in the city of La Oroya, Peru in 2022. La Oroya is one of the most polluted localities on the planet. (Ernesto Benavides / AFP via Getty Images)
From the Experts: Victory June 20, 2024

La Oroya v. Peru: Historic Precedent on Human Rights and the Environment

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights set an important precedent for state oversight of industrial pollution.

Danskammer Energy's methane gas plant in Newburgh, NY, could have emitted nearly 2 million tons of carbon emissions per year and contributed to air pollution in the Hudson Valley. (Halbergman / Getty Images)
Press Release: Victory June 17, 2024

Danskammer Energy Abandons Plans to Construct a New Methane Gas Plant in Newburgh, NY

Construction of a new gas plant is incompatible with New York鈥檚 landmark clean energy law

Press Release June 17, 2024

NYS Houses Make Some Progress on Transportation but the Legislature Leaves Much to be Desired As Session Comes to a Close

ElectrifyNY Coalition Statement: In the wake of congestion pricing stall by Governor Hochul, NY legislators desperately need to pick up slack to tackle pollution, protect communities, and safeguard workers

Press Release June 13, 2024

Community Groups Challenge Permit for Washington鈥檚 First Industrial Wood Pellet Fuel Plant

The permit vastly underestimates harmful air pollution from the plant that would cause health impacts to residents in nearby communities

document June 13, 2024

Notice of Appeal: Wood Pellet Manufacturing Facility

This is an appeal of the Final Determination and Order of Approval for Notice of Construction Application 23NOC1606, issued by the Olympic Region Clean Air Agency on May 14, 2024, permitting Pacific Northwest Renewable Energy to construct and operate an industrial-scale, export-focused wood pellet manufacturing facility at 411 Moon Island Road in Hoquiam, Washington.

The Denka Performance Elastomer manufacturing plant in Reserve, Louisiana, on March 18, 2022. (Brad Zweerink / Earthjustice)
Press Release June 13, 2024

Environmental Advocates Join Court Case in Defense of EPA Action to Reduce Cancer-Causing Air Pollution

Denka, a synthetic rubber maker whose pollution has wreaked havoc on nearby communities’ health, is trying to block an EPA rule setting pollution limits

A person crosses a street in Downtown Houston in the afternoon heat in May 2024. (Jon Shapley / Houston Chronicle via Getty Images)
Article June 11, 2024

This Could Be the Hottest Summer Ever. Here鈥檚 What We鈥檙e Doing About It.

Burning fossil fuels is making summer more prone to extreme weather events. Here鈥檚 how we鈥檙e tackling the climate crisis.

Construction on a last-mile warehouse in Syosset, New York. Concentrations of last-mile warehouses have an outsized impact on air quality and noise pollution due to higher numbers of truck trips, 24/7 operating times, and other factors. (Bruce Bennett / Getty Images)
Press Release June 6, 2024

In Final Days of Legislative Session, New York Senate Heeds Call for Cleaner Air and Corporate Accountability by Passing the Clean Deliveries Act

With Congestion Pricing indefinitely stalled by Governor Hochul in New York City, the need for traffic reduction and pollution abatement statewide has never been greater

In the News: Westword June 6, 2024

Environmental Groups File Notice to Sue Suncor Oil Refinery

Ian Coghill, Attorney, Rocky Mountain Office: 鈥淭he reason that we felt compelled to go in this direction is Suncor鈥檚 chronic history of exceeding the limits in its air permit.鈥

In the News: Los Angeles Times June 5, 2024

鈥榃ho鈥檚 going to live here?鈥 What happens when an e-commerce warehouse takes out your neighborhood

Adrian Martinez, Attorney, Right to Zero: 鈥淭here are people who don鈥檛 want these warehouses in their communities, and they just want to be left with peace.鈥

In the News: ABC Denver7 June 5, 2024

Suncor faces lawsuit by environmental groups over repeated air pollution violations

Ian Coghill, Attorney, Rocky Mountain Office: 鈥淭he Clean Air Act allows the most affected people to step in when the government either can’t or won’t enforce the laws sufficiently.鈥

In the News: Colorado Sun June 5, 2024

Nearly 10,000 Suncor air pollution violations in 5 years could lead to citizen lawsuit, groups warn

Ian Coghill, Attorney, Rocky Mountain Office: 鈥淲hatever the state is doing has not stopped Suncor from continuing its same history of these chronic exceedances. What enforcement is supposed to be about is bringing sources into compliance and deterring future violations, and what the state has done thus far clearly hasn鈥檛 been sufficient.鈥

Press Release June 5, 2024

Tras Repetidas Violaciones de Suncor a la Ley de Aire Limpio, Grupos Presentan Aviso de Intenci贸n de Demanda

Suncor ha informado m谩s de mil excedencias o violaciones de emisiones desde 2019

The Suncor refinery in North Denver. (Martin do Nascimento / Earthjustice)
Press Release June 5, 2024

Groups Submit Notice of Intent to Sue Suncor Over Repeated Clean Air Act Violations

Suncor has reported over 1,000 emissions exceedances or violations since 2019

document June 5, 2024

Suncor: Notice of Intent

Environmental justice and conservation groups submitted a 60-day notice of intent to sue Suncor Energy for repeated violations of the Clean Air Act at the company鈥檚 Commerce City, CO, refinery.

In the News: Philadelphia Inquirer May 29, 2024

Philadelphia鈥檚 Black communities would suffer most from weakened air pollution rules

An opinion piece by Marvin C. Brown IV, Attorney, Washington, D.C., Office, Earthjustice