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(Thomas Barwick / Getty Images)
Press Release: Victory April 9, 2024

D.C. Circuit Upholds Reinstatement of California Clean Air Act Waiver in Ohio v. EPA

California leads the nation in securing emissions reductions in the transportation sector.

Trucks line up outside the Amazon ONT 2 and 5 facilities in San Bernardino.
(Image Courtesy of Anthony Victoria-Midence / CCAEJ)
Press Release March 29, 2024

EPA’s New Truck Standards Fail to Meet the Moment

To meet health and climate imperatives, we need to drive our freight system more aggressively toward zero emissions

In the News: Canary Media March 12, 2024

California’s biofuel bias is hampering its EV future. Can that change?

Adrian Martinez, Attorney, Right to Zero: “We’ve got to eliminate our reliance on combustion. The program as designed will continue to provide lucrative incentives for combustible fuels well into the future. The stakes are very, very high.”

Trucks haul shipping containers at the Port of Los Angeles, the nation's busiest port. Their emissions create diesel death zones along freight lines and freeways throughout the state. Trucks produce the pollution for 40% of California’s unhealthy smog problem.
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Press Release March 12, 2024

Earthjustice Praises New Zero-Emission Freight Corridor Strategy, Urges Caution on Hydrogen Inclusion

The new strategy will coordinate and increase investments in zero-emission medium and heavy-duty vehicle infrastructure across sectors to achieve a zero-emission freight network by 2040

Container ships are seen docked at the Port of Oakland in Oakland, California. (Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)
Press Release February 28, 2024

Earthjustice Praises New EPA Clean Ports Program

The new program will help deploy zero-emissions technologies in ports while remedying decades of pollution and environmental injustices for communities.

(James Olstein for Earthjustice)
feature February 28, 2024

Right To Zero: Building a Zero-emissions Future

We’re creating a zero-emissions reality from coast to coast.

Trucks and train cars carrying shipping containers line up at the Port of Oakland in California. (Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)
From the Experts February 22, 2024

A Common-sense Guide to Port Management: More people-centered policies, less pandering

The California State Assembly Select Committee on Ports and Goods Movement misses the mark by convening hearings on the impact of freight while focusing almost exclusively on industry needs.

EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan. (NC DEQ)
From the Experts December 7, 2023

EPA: Sign the Paperwork That Will Save Nearly 9,000 Lives

With the Stroke of a Pen, EPA Can Grant the Waivers for Critical California Regulations Shifting Us to Zero Emissions Everything

document December 7, 2023

Letter to EPA on California Waivers

A broad coalition of community, health, environmental, and environmental justice groups sent a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) asking for quick action to issue waivers for several California rules that clean up equipment ranging from tugboats to trucks to locomotives.

Amtrak maintenance facility in the Union Pacific Railroad Yard, Oakland, California. (Silentfoto / Getty Images)
Press Release November 1, 2023

EPA Provides Clarity with New Rule: States Can Cut Dirty Locomotive Pollution

Environmental justice advocates win big on path for states and local governments to regulate pollution from locomotives

A New York City MTA electric bus at a charging station on the West Side Highway at 42 Street. (Marc A. Hermann / MTA)
Press Release August 31, 2023

Advocates, Unions, and Electeds Call on Governor Hochul to Include Green Transit and Green Jobs In Upcoming Budget

Statewide Coalition, Labor Unions, and Elected Officials Advocate for Bill that would Lower Emissions and Raise Worker Protections

An aerial shot of a shipping yard at the Port of Long Beach, California. (halbergman / Getty Images)
From the Experts July 18, 2023

It’s Electrifying! Helping Ports Bring Us Goods, Not Smog

A firehose of funding from California regulators will help the Port of Long Beach step into an electric future.

In the News: Associated Press June 19, 2023

Railroad industry sues to block new locomotive pollution rules in California

Adrian Martinez, Attorney, California Regional Office, Earthjustice: “There’s generally been a reckless disregard from the rail industry for saving lives from air pollution, and this is just another feather in their cap in their pursuit of continuing to burn really dirty diesel fuel.”

document June 16, 2023

Oakland Harbor Turning Basins Comments

Comments on Oakland Harbor Turning Basins Widening Navigation Study; Revised Draft Integrated Feasibility Report and Environmental Assessment

Clean and electric trucks sit on display at an event on new national clean air standards for heavy-duty trucks near the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Headquarters on December 20, 2022 in Washington, DC. (Anna Moneymaker / Getty Images)
feature June 5, 2023

Advancing Zero-Emission Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicles and Environmental Justice Through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

Our Stories June 5, 2023 Advancing Zero-Emission Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicles and Environmental Justice Through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law President Biden signed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), also called the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) into law in November 2021. BIL authorizes nearly $1.2 trillion over 5 years, nearly $600 billion of which is related…

case May 11, 2023

South Tacoma Warehouse Project

Despite vocal opposition from concerned neighbors and environmental and health advocates, the City of Tacoma approved a land use permit for a mega-warehouse project in April 2023, without requiring an Environmental Impact Statement to examine the project’s environmental, health, and community impacts. The South Tacoma location of the mega-warehouse poses serious environmental justice concerns. The…

In the News: Washington Post April 27, 2023

California to vote on ambitious locomotive emission rule

Yasmine Agelidis, Attorney, California Regional Office: “It’s going to be groundbreaking, and it’s going to address the diesel crisis that’s been poisoning communities near railyards for literal decades.”

Amtrak maintenance facility in the Union Pacific Railroad Yard, Oakland, California. (Silentfoto / Getty Images)
From the Experts April 26, 2023

California is Bringing Rail into the Zero Emissions Era

Communities across California called on air regulators more than two decades ago to address the diesel crisis poisoning communities near railyards—and the California Air Resources Board is finally taking bold action.