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Grizzly 399 and three of her cubs walk down Pilgrim Creek Road in Grand Teton National Park.
(Courtesy of Tom Mangelsen)
From the Experts May 17, 2023

The Endangered Species Act at 50

We must not only protect and restore the Endangered Species Act, but ensure strong implementation for its next 50 years.

Press Release May 16, 2023

Fishing and Conservation Groups Sue PG&E over Harms to Salmon and Steelhead on Eel River

Groups take legal action to reduce lethal impacts on imperiled fish from utility’s operation of outdated hydroelectric Potter Valley Project dams

Document May 16, 2023

Friends of the Eel River et al. v. Pacific Gas and Electric Company Complaint

Friends of the Eel River, Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations, Institute for Fisheries Resources, California Trout, and Trout Unlimited bring this action pursuant to Section 11(g) of the Endangered Species Act against Pacific Gas and Electric Company for causing the illegal “take” of threatened California Coastal Chinook salmon and Northern California steelhead trout in the Eel River watershed.

Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument. (BLM)
Article April 27, 2023

A Monumental Win for Birds, Butterflies, and Other Imperiled Wildlife

A legal victory means Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument will remain protected from destructive commercial logging.

A sockeye salmon (<i>Oncorhynchus nerka</i>) in Little Redfish Lake Creek, Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Idaho. (Neil Ever Osborne / Save Our Wild Salmon / iLCP)
Press Release April 24, 2023

Washington State Legislature Takes Important Next Steps Towards Honoring Treaty Responsibilities to Tribal Nations and Restoring Endangered Salmon in the Lower Snake River

The Northwest Salmon Restoration Campaign celebrates progress on the largest river restoration in history

Press Release April 21, 2023

Wolf Advocates Cite Continued Concerns With Colorado Reintroduction Delays As Senate Bill 256 Goes to the House

Even amended version could set back ‘paws-on-the-ground’ date by upending federal process

The golden-cheeked warbler photographed in Austin, Texas. (Sergio Flores for Earthjustice )
Article April 18, 2023

Meet the Texas Bird that is a Bulwark for Biodiversity

Saving the endangered golden-cheeked warbler will help us protect an abundance of plants and animals in the Texas Hill Country.

A turtle swims offshore of Kahekili Beach Park, Maui, Hawaiʻi. (Courtesy of Don McLeish)
Press Release April 18, 2023

Attacks on the Endangered Species Act Continue With House Consideration of Wildlife Bills

Proposals seek to weaken species protections on behalf of special interests

A Gulf of Mexico whale.
(NOAA Fisheries)
From the Experts April 10, 2023

In 2021, Scientists Identified a New Whale Species in the Gulf of Mexico

Here’s how Earthjustice is working to protect marine creatures and biodiversity.

Florida manatees (Trichechus manatus latirostris) at Crystal River, Florida. (Moment Open / Getty Images)
video April 3, 2023

Giving Manatees a Fighting Chance

We’re working to protect manatees from unprecedented mass starvation.

Press Release March 27, 2023

Yurok Tribe and Fishermen Sue to Protect Klamath Salmon

Federal agency cuts flows as the largest river restoration project begins

Document March 27, 2023

Motion for Summary Judgment: Florida Panther

The Florida panther is one of the most endangered species on the planet. Its only remaining habitat is in Southwest Florida, an area that is experiencing rapid growth and development. A series of road expansions in and around panther habitat by the Florida Department of Transportation, including the project at issue in this litigation, accommodate and spur this development. They also pose a major threat to the Florida panther, with vehicle strikes constituting one of the species’ leading causes of death.

A California spotted owl perches on a tree. (Rick Kuyper / USFWS)
From the Experts March 24, 2023

Protecting the Sierra Species

The California spotted owl is the last of four native Sierra Nevada species to receive Endangered Species Act protection in the culmination of a 30-year legal fight.

Document March 22, 2023

Klamath River Plaintiffs’ Motion for Preliminary Injunction

The Yurok Tribe, with the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations (PCFFA) and the Institute for Fisheries Resources (IFR), filed for a preliminary injunction to prohibit the U.S. Bureau of
Reclamation from delivering water for irrigation unless Reclamation can ensure it will be able to comply fully with its Endangered Species Act (“ESA”) obligations to threatened Southern Oregon/Northern California Coast (“SONCC”) Coho Salmon and endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales (“Killer Whales”) that depend on Klamath River Chinook Salmon as prey.

Document March 22, 2023

Klamath River Yurok Tribe Supplemental Complaint

The Yurok Tribe, with the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations (PCFFA) and the Institute for Fisheries Resources (IFR), sued the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) to ensure enough water will remain in the Klamath River to protect threatened coho salmon and endangered resident killer whales.

Caribou graze near fossil fuel pipelines in Alaska’s Western Arctic in the Lake Teshekpuk area. (Kiliii Yuyan for Earthjustice)
Article March 16, 2023

There’s a Biodiversity Crisis, and Oil and Gas Are Making It Worse

The web of life is in danger of collapsing, due in large part to climate change, pollution, and habitat destruction caused by the fossil fuel industry. We’re working to protect species from these threats.

Press Release March 6, 2023

Lawsuit Challenges Biden Decision to Open 73.3 Million Acres of Gulf of Mexico for Oil Leasing

Legal challenge takes on one of the largest lease sales in U.S. history, which raises serious threats to climate, Gulf communities, and endangered species

A north Atlantic right whale swims with dolphins.
 (Allison Henry / NOAA)
Press Release February 27, 2023

Earthjustice Statement on RESCUE Whales Act of 2023

“Science-based decision making is the core of the Endangered Species Act and has been essential to bringing numerous species back from the brink of extinction.”