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Press Release February 17, 2023

EPA Reaffirms Mercury and Air Toxics Standards Will Save Lives

Reducing mercury and air toxins emissions has saved more than 11,000 lives and a stronger standard could prevent even more deaths

The sun rises over Matagorda Bay in Texas.
(ImageTek / CC BY 2.0)
Update December 13, 2022

A Fossil Fuel Company Wants to Dig Up a Superfund Site in Texas. What Could Go Wrong?

A community lawsuit drives the Army Corps back to the drawing board on a controversial project.

Press Release May 24, 2022

Gulf and Environmental Groups File Suit to Halt Dredging through Toxic Superfund Site for Oil Export Terminal

Dredging Matagorda Bay to increase oil exports will threaten the livelihoods of fishing communities, increase climate pollution, and harm public health

The Cheswick coal-fired power plant in Pennsylvania, reflected in a window of a home in Springdale, is among the hundreds of power plants likely covered by the Mercury & Air Toxics Standards.
(Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice)
feature January 31, 2022

Danger in the Air

Earthjustice is defending the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards — a rule that saves up to 11,000 people from early deaths each year.

Press Release January 31, 2022

EPA Moves to Restore Authority to Limit Power Plants’ Toxic Air Emissions

Strengthened Mercury and Air Toxics Standards is critical for clean air

Press Release January 31, 2022

Agencia Busca Restaurar Autoridad Para Limitar Sustancias Tóxicas Emitidas por Plantas Eléctricas

El fortalecimiento del ‘Estándar de Mercurio y Tóxicos de Aire’ es fundamental para tener aire limpio

Document January 3, 2022

Petition for Writ of Mandamus — East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice et al.

East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice, Ironbound Community Corporation, and Sierra Club petition the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit for a writ of mandamus requiring the United States Environmental Protection Agency and Michael S. Regan, in his official capacity as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency to promulgate a rule updating its emission standards for large municipal solid waste incinerators. (December 2021)

Press Release October 19, 2021

Groups Probe Government Over Migrant Children’s Possible Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

Advocates sue federal agencies to learn more about Florida site with known contaminants, including arsenic, lead, and mercury

Press Release October 19, 2021

Grupos Ambientales y de Justicia Investigan A Gobierno Estadounidense Por Posible Exposición De Menores Migrantes A Sustancias Químicas Tóxicas

Defensores demandan a agencias federales para obtener más información sobre centro de detención con contaminantes como arsénico, plomo y mercurio.

In the News: KTOO July 1, 2021

Orutsararmiut Native Council to challenge Donlin Mine water quality certificate in court

Tom Waldo, Attorney, Alaska Office, Earthjustice: “The mine, as proposed, would not comply with water quality standards for protection of salmon habitat, for temperature, and for mercury.”

“EPA is sentencing entire segments of the population to a poisoned death,” said Caroline Armijo (left) of N.C. Read her story, and those of Nicole Horseherder of Ariz., and Tom Sedor of Penn., in the special report, <a href="//"><em>Erasing Lives</em></a>.
(From left: Justin Cook for Earthjustice. Darcy Padilla. Chris Knight.)
feature May 13, 2021

Special Report: The Mercury and Air Toxics Standards

Three Americans living near power plants share how they will be harmed by the gutting of the Mercury & Air Toxics Standards.

John Lithgow, center, plays Winston Churchill in the series "The Crown."
(Image Courtesy of Netflix)
Article December 18, 2020

That Deadly Fog in ‘The Crown’ Was Real. Here’s the Rest of the Story.

In Netflix’s hit show on the royals, there’s an unbelievable story about air pollution. But the Great Smog of London was all too real — and still relevant today.

The Navajo Generating Station looms in the background, near Page, Ariz. The bill helps protect children and developing young minds by including language to secure the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards, which places limits on hazardous air pollution emitted by power plants.
(Darcy Padilla)
Press Release July 8, 2020

House Advances Appropriations Bills to Invest in Environmental Justice, Communities, and Climate Resiliency

House Interior-Environment appropriations bill contains significant wins for environmental advocates

Document June 19, 2020

Petition for Review EPA's rollback of the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards

Petition for review of EPA's MATS rollback

Document June 19, 2020

Motion to Intervene in Westmoreland Mining Holdings' Lawsuit Challenging MATS

Motion to Intervene in Westmoreland Mining Holdings' Lawsuit Challenging MATS

Salmon is synonymous with the state of Washington. Yet lower water-quality standards could erode the health benefits of fresh fish, and make it riskier to consume over time.
(Thomas Barwick / Getty images)
Press Release June 11, 2020

Lawsuit Challenges EPA Rollback of Human Health Water Standards

Environmental groups, regional tribes and fishing organizations head to court in defense of community health and critical protections for the consumption of fish

Kuskokwim River, in southwest Alaska. The Donlin mine's massive industrial operation will destroy thousands of acres of wetlands and streams and cause permanently elevated levels of dangerous metals in local water.
(Peter Griffith / NASA)
Press Release: Victory May 19, 2020

Alaska Department of Natural Resources Remands Donlin Gasline Right-of-way Permit

Tribes successfully challenge DNR’s approval for natural gas pipeline to fuel massive mining operation

Industrial pulp mill in Port Townsend, Washington.
(Edmund Lowe Photography/Getty Images)
Press Release: Victory April 21, 2020

EPA Must Regulate All Toxic Air Emissions From Pulp Mills

Court rules in favor of environmental groups and frontline communities