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An aerial view of smog in Los Angeles, Calif.
(Robert S. Donovan / CC BY-NC 2.0)
Press Release August 21, 2023

EPA Pulls Plug on Smog Standards Reevaluation, Provoking Outcry

Despite clear evidence, EPA chooses to stop reconsidering indefensible, disappointing decision

The downtown Los Angeles skyline bathed in smog. (Daniel Stein / Getty Images)
Press Release August 15, 2023

South Coast Air Quality Management District Facing Legal Challenges For Providing a Free Pass to Big Polluters

The Air Quality Management District must fix an unjust system that provides no incentive for the largest industrial polluters like oil refineries to clean the air

A coho salmon spawning in an Oregon river. (Bureau of Land Management)
Press Release August 15, 2023

Fishing Industry Groups Notify Tire Companies of Intent to Sue Over 6PPD Impacts to Salmon, Steelhead

6PPD interacts with ground-level ozone to create the highly toxic 6PPD-q

Coho salmon returning from its years at sea to spawn, seen near the Suquamish Tribe's Grovers Creek Hatchery. 
(K. King / USFWS)
Press Release August 1, 2023

Tribes Petition Environmental Protection Agency to Ban Toxic Chemical from Tires

Water contamination from 6PPD use in tires imperils salmon recovery

Press Release June 16, 2023

White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council Urges EPA to Move Swiftly to Significantly Strengthen Air Quality Standards

Soot and smog disproportionately harm communities of color and low-income communities

Press Release June 13, 2023

EPA Science Advisors Urge Agency to Strength Nation’s Smog Standards

The Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee finds science ‘unequivocally’ shows current standards fail to protect public health and the environment

Press Release June 7, 2023

As Governor Signs Ozone Bill Into Law, Groups Push For Stronger Action

Community voices must be heard in cumulative impacts rulemaking and interim session

Press Release: Victory May 8, 2023

Groups Urge Governor to Sign Colorado Ozone Bill, Call for Strong Action From Interim Committee

Protecting Communities From Air Pollution Act seen as a starting point for much-needed reform

Press Release April 20, 2023

Groups Voice Support for Amended Ozone Bill, Reiterate Need for Permitting Reform

Amended bill would define cumulative impacts and strengthen air quality enforcement process

Press Release April 10, 2023

Protecting Communities From Air Pollution Act to Tackle Colorado’s Ozone Problem

Representatives Bacon and Willford’s bill aims to improve air quality permitting and enforcement

Document March 23, 2023

Supplement to FL Rising Civil Rights Complaint

Florida Rising respectfully submits this supplement to its civil rights complaint to provide additional relevant factual and legal background, clarify the scope of the complaint, and update
ECRCO on relevant developments since the filing of the complaint.

Press Release March 15, 2023

New Rule Will Require Upwind Industry and Power Plants to Reduce Smog Polluting Downwind States

The Good Neighbor Rule will require 23 states to clean up their smog-forming emissions

Smog covers the city of Los Angeles.
(Photo courtesy of Ben Amstutz)
From the Experts March 6, 2023

Addressing Racial Disparities with Title VI

Communities of color in California’s South Coast Air Basin are tired of holding their breath.

Press Release March 3, 2023

Federal Court Upheld EPA Cross-State Ozone Rule

The rule requires states to reduce power plant pollution that contributes to unhealthy smog levels in downwind states

Press Release December 16, 2022

Air Quality Control Commission Adopts State’s Inadequate Ozone Proposal

Community advocates demand meaningful action to address ozone pollution

Press Release September 20, 2022

Communities get EPA to rein in cities’ smog pollution

EPA must do more as it reconsiders smog standards

Press Release September 13, 2022

Dangerous Loopholes Allow Facilities to Release Toxic, Unchecked Air Pollutants

Groups petition EPA to close Clean Air Act loopholes for startup, shutdown, malfunction events

In the News: Westword July 27, 2022

New Draft Plan for Metro Denver Ozone Reduction Already Catching Heat

Alexandra Schluntz, Attorney, Rocky Mountain Office, Earthjustice: “That first draft needs to be as strong as possible so that we can have a really robust public rulemaking process and get the public engaged, improve the SIP and, finally, get a strong final SIP approved by the Air Quality Control Commission.”