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In the News: Inside EPA February 8, 2024

EPA Urged To Use Combustor Rule To Gather PFAS Data For Future Limits

Colin Parts, Attorney, Community Partnerships Program: “EPA should use this rulemaking opportunity to gather data on existing emissions of PFAS to support a future rulemaking requiring emissions reduction.”

Drinking water and PFAS research being conducted at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Center For Environmental Solutions and Emergency Response in Cincinnati. (Joshua A. Bickel / AP)
Article January 31, 2024

The Toxic Chemicals Hiding in Our Homes, and How We Can Reduce Them

A fundamental environmental law, the Toxic Substances Control Act, can help protect us from harmful chemicals. But first, the government needs to fully enforce it.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul speaks during a briefing in New York City. (John Lamparski / Getty Images)
Press Release January 9, 2024

Earthjustice Statement: 2024 New York State of the State 

Earthjustice Applauds Governor Hochul for Embracing Key Elements of NY HEAT Act to Address the State’s Expensive, Dirty, Gas System

Orcas in Puget Sound. (Tifotter / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
case January 8, 2024

Protecting Salmon and Orcas from Puget Sound Wastewater Pollution

Working with four nonprofit environmental organizations — Puget Soundkeeper Alliance, RE Sources, Toxic-Free Future, and Waste Action Project — Earthjustice is advocating for more stringent pollution controls for the wastewater treatment plant to help protect salmon, orcas, and people.

After years of inaction by the federal government, the Environmental Protection Agency has proposed long-overdue limits on six PFAS in drinking water. (Getty Images)
feature November 2, 2023

Inside EPA’s Roadmap on Regulating PFAS Chemicals

Toxic “forever chemicals” remain laxly regulated.

Some 110 million Americans have been exposed to PFAS through drinking tainted water. (REAL444/Getty Images)
Press Release October 25, 2023

EPA Issues Final Rule to Close Loopholes in PFAS Reporting

Companies and military bases must now disclose more PFAS pollution

From the Experts August 24, 2023

EPA announces that cleaning up coal ash will be a top priority for enforcement

EPA acknowledges widespread noncompliance from coal-fired power plant owners.

The Suncor Energy refinery in Commerce City, Colorado. (Matt Nager for Earthjustice)
Press Release June 29, 2023

Colorado Water Division to Consider Enforcement Action Against Suncor Refinery

Division sent compliance advisory to Suncor for benzene and solids exceedances

Document June 29, 2023

Water Division Compliance Advisory for Suncor

Colorado’s Water Quality Control Division recently sent a compliance advisory to Suncor Energy for three benzene and two total suspended solids exceedances at the company’s Commerce City refinery between January and April of this year.

In the News: The Colorado Sun April 27, 2023

Suncor “forever chemicals” in metro Denver creek appear to spike

Caitlin Miller, Attorney, Rocky Mountain Regional Office: “Suncor is still unable to reliably control its discharges. Science has come a long way on PFAS just in a short amount of time. And we know that PFAS are toxic at significantly lower levels.”

(Yipeng Ge / Getty Images)
feature March 19, 2023

Breaking Down Toxic PFAS

What PFAS are, why they’re harmful, and what we can do to protect ourselves from them.

EPA’s proposed levels are lower than New York’s existing and proposed PFAS standards. New York’s Department of Health (DOH) currently has MCLs for PFOA and PFOS at ten parts per trillion for each chemical. In September 2022, the DOH proposed to regulate 23 additional PFAS with MCLs and notification levels higher than EPA’s proposal. (Getty Images)
Press Release March 14, 2023

EPA Proposes First Drinking Water Standards for Toxic PFAS

New York Governor Hochul and Department of Health Urged to Follow EPA’s Lead and Lower State MCLs for safer drinking water

Press Release March 14, 2023

EPA Propone Primeros Estándares De Agua Potable Para Sustancias Químicas Tóxicas PFAS

La propuesta de la EPA regularía seis productos químicos ampliamente utilizados dentro de la clase de miles de PFAS

Press Release March 14, 2023

EPA Proposes First Drinking Water Standards for Toxic PFAS

EPA’s proposal would regulate six widely used chemicals within the class of thousands of PFAS

Document February 6, 2023

Testimony of Raul Garcia: Energy and Commerce Hearing

Testimony of Raul Garcia, Legislative Director for Healthy Communities, Earthjustice, before the United States House of Representatives Joint Energy, Climate, and Grid Security Subcommittee and Environment, Manufacturing, and Critical Materials Subcommittee Legislative Hearing: “Unleashing American Energy, Lowering Energy Costs, and Strengthening Supply Chains.”

Press Release January 24, 2023

Columbia, Earthjustice Study Finds Most U.S. Children Use Toxic Makeup Products During Play

Children can be exposed to lead, asbestos, and other toxic chemicals through makeup and body products

Press Release January 24, 2023

Niños en E.E.U.U. Usan y Juegan con Productos de Maquillaje Potencialmente Tóxicos, Revela Estudio de la Universidad de Columbia y Earthjustice

Menores de 12 años o más jóvenes pueden estar expuestos al plomo, el asbesto y otras sustancias químicas tóxicas a través del maquillaje y productos para uso personal

Monaeka Flores, photographed on Inapsan Beach on Guam, where her family had ranched the land for generations. (Nathan Topasna for Earthjustice)
Article January 11, 2023

Indigenous Islanders in Guam Take on the Military

Activist Monaeka Flores talks about fighting to stop the Air Force from blowing up leftover munitions on Guam’s beaches.