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Container ships are seen docked at the Port of Oakland in Oakland, California. (Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)
Press Release February 28, 2024

Earthjustice Praises New EPA Clean Ports Program

The new program will help deploy zero-emissions technologies in ports while remedying decades of pollution and environmental injustices for communities.

(James Olstein for Earthjustice)
feature February 28, 2024

Right To Zero: Building a Zero-emissions Future

We’re creating a zero-emissions reality from coast to coast.

An illustration of how a heat pump works (Yale Climate Connections - CC BY-NC-ND 2.5 DEED)
From the Experts February 26, 2024

Washington’s Future is Bright as it Leads the Charge to Electrify Buildings

Washington demonstrates legal pathways for states and local governments seeking to transition buildings off fossil fuels to clean, safe electricity.

Trucks and train cars carrying shipping containers line up at the Port of Oakland in California. (Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)
From the Experts February 22, 2024

A Common-sense Guide to Port Management: More people-centered policies, less pandering

The California State Assembly Select Committee on Ports and Goods Movement misses the mark by convening hearings on the impact of freight while focusing almost exclusively on industry needs.

Driving an electric car in the Holland Tunnel in New York City. Because electric vehicles are more efficient in converting energy to power cars and trucks, electricity across the board is cleaner and cheaper as a fuel for vehicles, even when that electricity comes from the dirtiest grid. (Mecky / Getty Images)
Update February 21, 2024

The EPA Must Hold the Line on the Strongest Car Pollution Standards Ever

Here’s what the standards would do for health and climate.

(Getty Images)
Press Release February 6, 2024

As Amazon Reports $170 Billion in Record Profits, ElectrifyNY Coalition Calls for Responsible Operations and Clean Deliveries

Tailpipe emissions pollute the air causing public health harms and exacerbate the climate crisis; Clean Deliveries Act will drive legislative and zero-emission solutions

Earthjustice’s Right to Zero campaign and allies held an event in support of the Green Transit, Green Jobs bill at the New York State Capitol on Tuesday, January 30, 2024 . This critical bill will facilitate the transition to electric buses and promote good manufacturing jobs in New York State. (Patrick Dodson for Earthjustice)
Press Release January 30, 2024

Green Transit, Green Jobs, Proposed Bill Brings Clean Transportation and Good Green Manufacturing Jobs to New York

The win-win legislation jump-starts cleaner air with emissions-free buses and provides green sector jobs; Lawmakers, union leaders, and advocates urge Governor Hochul to Include in 2025 NY Final Budget

Electric automobile, plugged into charging station. (Greg Pease / Getty Images)
Article January 17, 2024

Are Electric Vehicles Really Better for the Environment? Yes.

Electric vehicles stack up better than combustion any which way you look at it.

Activists march in protest at the front gate to Southern California Gas Company's Ventura Compressor Station in Ventura, California. (Al Seib / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images).
From the Experts January 17, 2024

You Shouldn’t Have to Pay for Utility Shenanigans in Your Energy Bill

New legislation can stop utilities like SoCalGas from abusing customer money to fight climate action.

staff January 16, 2024

Cassidy Childs

A senior research and policy analyst in Earthjustice’s Right to Zero campaign, Cassidy Childs works to electrify the transportation, building, and industrial sectors across the United States.

(Peter Arkle for Earthjustice)
feature January 16, 2024

What’s Your Electric Vehicle Personality? Take Our Quiz.

All types of vehicle personalities have a place in the clean energy transition.

In the News: Inside Climate News December 30, 2023

Is California Overstating the Climate Benefit of Dairy Manure Methane Digesters?

Sasan Saadat, Research & Policy Analyst, Right to Zero: “California loves to brag ‘this program, for every eight dollars we spend on it, gets us this many tons of CO2 reductions.’ What’s missing from that is the fact that these programs are triple counting those reductions.”

Earthjustice attorney Yasmine Agelidis speaks at a rally for electric school buses outside the Los Angeles Unified School District headquarters in 2022. (Hannah Benet for Earthjustice)
feature December 20, 2023

2023: An Electrifying Year for Earthjustice

With your support, this year, we made game-changing progress to electrify everything on wheels, from cars and trucks to buses and trains, and more.

Flames rise near homes during the Blue Ridge Fire on October 27, 2020 in Chino Hills, California. (David McNew / Getty Images)
Press Release December 20, 2023

California’s Proposed Low Carbon Fuel Standard is a Climate Policy Failure

CARB’s revisions to one of California’s largest climate programs would be a polluter giveaway to dairy methane and refineries, all while doubling down on combustion

Vast warehouses bump up against homes in Southern California. (David McNew / The New York Times)
From the Experts December 19, 2023

It’s Working: Warehouses in Southern California Are Cleaning Up Their Act

Warehouse Rule brings zero emissions equipment to California, proving the strength of the model.

staff December 14, 2023

Vanessa Rivas Villanueva

Based in San Francisco, Vanessa is a research and policy analyst working with the Earthjustice Right to Zero campaign.

In the News: WENY December 7, 2023

A Push for the New York Heat Act

Liz Moran, Policy Advocate, Northeast Office: “NY Heat is a really important policy that will one, help New Yorkers save money on their energy bills, and two, help the state have a plan to stop expanding a very expensive and dangerous gas system.”

In the News: Los Angeles Times December 7, 2023

Boiling Level: Which cities are taking cost as California shifts to electrical buses?

Adrian Martinez, Attorney, Earthjustice: “Sometimes we view these electric transportation issues as partisan, and they’re not. In California, our leading transit agency isn’t a bastion of liberal politics; it’s a relatively conservative community in the high desert. So I think what it shows is electric buses are quiet, they’re clean, they save money. Those are…