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Surrounded by temperate rainforest, a vacant U.S. Forest Service bunkhouse has been selected as the site of a healing center. (Rebecca Bowe / Earthjustice)
Article August 16, 2023

Where a Logging Camp Once Stood, a Center for Healing Takes Root

In Kake, Alaska, protecting a temperate rainforest means protecting a way of life.

Press Release: Victory January 25, 2023

U.S. Forest Service restores critical protections to Tongass National Forest

The National Roadless Rule was rolled back for America’s last great rainforest by the Trump administration, threatening millions of acres of undeveloped national forest lands

feature January 25, 2023

This Dreamy Alaskan Rainforest is a Buffer Against Climate Change

Thanks to collective advocacy, 9 million acres of Tongass National Forest are no longer threatened by new clear-cut logging.

Press Release July 28, 2022

Earthjustice Responds to House Vote Protecting Roadless Rule

Provision adopted as part of Wildfire Response and Drought Resiliency Act

Press Release June 23, 2022

Logging Mature and Old Trees Threatens U.S. Climate Goals

New Vilsack guidance to Forest Service falls short of protecting key forests

Article April 19, 2022

Creando Oportunidades para Luchar por la Vida en la Tierra

Para detener la crisis de biodiversidad, de la cual depende la vida silvestre, debemos proteger las tierras y las aguas públicas

Article March 25, 2022

Giving the Earth’s Species a Fighting Chance

To stop the biodiversity crisis, we must protect public lands and waters that wildlife depend on.

Press Release February 15, 2022

The Missing Link in Biden’s Climate Agenda: Letting Older Trees Grow

Environmental organizations call for a new national forest policy that protects old-growth and mature trees and forests

A palila in Waimea, Hawaiʻi
(Aaron Maizlish / CC BY-NC 2.0)
feature December 9, 2021

Justice for the Earth and Its People

The exploration of landmark cases behind Earthjustice's rise and reinvention.

Press Release November 19, 2021

Forest Service Releases Plan for Roadless Rule Restoration in Tongass National Forest

Support remains strong for protecting old-growth trees in Southeast Alaska

Bakewell Lake in the Tongass National Forest
 (Jeff DeFreest / USDA)
Update: Victory July 16, 2021

‘America’s Climate Forest’ Now Safe From Major Old-Growth Logging

The Biden administration announced unprecedented protections for Tongass National Forest, which Earthjustice has long defended.

Press Release June 11, 2021

Biden Administration Takes Action to Protect Tongass National Forest

U.S. Forest Service revisits Trump rollback of Roadless Rule

Located in Alaska's panhandle, the Tongass is the country's largest national forest—and home to nearly one-third of all old-growth temperate rainforest remaining in the entire world.
(Lee Prince / Shutterstock)
case April 23, 2021

Defending Roadless Areas in the Tongass National Forest

In a multi-year litigation effort, a diverse coalition of Alaska Native, tourism industry, and environmental organizations successfully challenged the Bush administration’s 2003 rule “temporarily” exempting southeast Alaska’s Tongass National Forest — the nation’s largest and wildest — from the landmark 2001 Roadless Area Conservation Rule. More than a decade later, Earthjustice and our clients went…

Wanda Culp and her colleagues at WECAN are fighting to defend the Tongass from logging.
(Michael Penn for Earthjustice)
feature April 20, 2021

Defending America’s Climate Forest

Earthjustice is defending the Tongass National Forest, a key weapon in fighting climate change

Document December 23, 2020

Complaint Challenging Roadless Rule Rollback in Tongass National Forest

Earthjustice's Alaska regional office filed a complaint on behalf of five Alaska Native Tribes, small businesses and conservation organizations.

Press Release December 23, 2020

Lawsuit Takes Aim at Trump Administration Decision to Gut Tongass National Forest Protections

Time is running out to curb carbon emissions, but Tongass logging will only make climate change worse

The old-growth trees of the Tongass National Forest provide a major buffer against climate change.
Update December 23, 2020

We’re Suing the Trump Administration for Trying to Sell Off ‘America’s Amazon’

Alaska Native Tribes, businesses, and conservation groups have filed a lawsuit to defend southeast Alaska’s Tongass National Forest from clearcutting and mining.

A beaver lodge in the Sunset Roadless Area. The area is home to species including elk, bear, beaver and goshawk.
(Ted Zukoski / Earthjustice)
Press Release: Victory October 29, 2020

In Colorado, Federal Judges Block Coal Mining Construction in Protected Roadless Forest

The injunction prevents Mountain Coal from further destruction of the roadless forest in the West Elk Mountains until a challenge from conservation groups is resolved