One Year Later, EPA Continues to Drag Its Feet on Global Warming

Response to Supreme Court ruling in CO2 case languishes as administration stalls rules for cars and trucks


David Baron, Earthjustice, (202) 667-4500

One year after the U.S. Supreme Court issued a monumental ruling on one of the biggest environmental cases in history, the Environmental Protection Agency has yet to issue regulations limiting greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles. Today, states and environmental organizations are heading back to court, seeking an end to the Bush administration’s foot-dragging. Earthjustice is co-counsel for Sierra Club in the case.

The following statement is from David Baron, managing attorney at Earthjustice’s Washington, D.C. office:

“This administration is fiddling while the planet melts. A full year after the Supreme Court’s ruling, EPA continues to stall. Meanwhile, the threats from global warming are mounting at an alarming rate. So today, we’re asking the circuit court to put an end to EPA’s foot-dragging.

“The delay here is really inexcusable. According to a House committee investigation, a detailed EPA proposal to address motor vehicle greenhouse gases was sent to the White House last December, but has not seen the light of day since. There simply is no justification for this delay. The time to act on global warming and save our planet is now.”

Read the petition (PDF)

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